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  • Jill Rodriguez

Veterinary Social Media Survey 2011

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

In the pursuit of gaining greater insights in to how our veterinary profession is currently utilizing social media, we have released the Veterinary Social Media Survey which asks the questions practice owners and managers are always most curious about.

  1. Which platform is most used (Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Youtube)?

  2. How much time is participating in social media taking?

  3. What are the benefits the veterinary practice has received?

  4. What are the tricks they have picked up along the way?

The results are coming in by the hour, and we are already seeing some interesting trends, some of which were unexpected.

If you are a veterinary practice which participates in social media, simply click this link (Veterinary Social Media Survey) to take survey. As always, the more data the better. Once the survey is complete, we will perform an analysis and report, posting the results online for the veterinary community to discuss further.

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Dr. Cathie
DVM - Wisconsin

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Dr. Peter achieved time freedom while increasing productivity by implementing the DVM Elite system.


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Beth and Randy were able to maximize their room workflow and productivity for greater profitability.


Dr. Leslie was able to increase her profitability through DVM Elite's Key Strategies.

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