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Independent Practice Owners 
wanting to supercharge their
partner with us.

We do it ALL!


What's your frustration? We can help solve it!


"We are able to do things that we never thought were possible." -Dr. Leslie

"We have grown 400% since joining DVM Elite." -Dr. Randy

As an Independent Owner, ever feel like you are drowning in a sea of Corporate practices?  
Why not rise above them like the Bertoldos did?

Since partnering with DVM Elite, all of our numbers are up... significantly!

Our weekly meetings help us to set the new goals for both the short and long term, and our personal consultant has been nothing short of AMAZING!


DVM Elite has given us the tools and guidance to rework aspects of our hospital to be more efficient, and our staff also benefit and feel supported.


The beauty of this is that DVM Elite understands that every hospital and every owner is different. They gear your program to YOUR needs and mindset, not by using a cookie-cutter protocol.


Now [as an independent practice], instead of feeling like we are drowning in a pool of corporate veterinary hospitals, we are rising above them in a way we never thought possible. We feel we have just created a new future for ourselves and our hospital and have gained a new "partner" that has our best interest at heart.


We are loving what we do again and feel refreshed daily!

I cannot recommend DVM Elite enough! We will be with them for many years to come!

let's work together 

to grow your veterinary practice

With our All-in-One Veterinary Success Program!


I want to focus more on patient care and less on running my business by partnering with experts that will guide me through the solutions.


I want to attract our ideal clients and build upon our existing relationships with effective marketing.


I want to develop as a leader and build my dream team with hands-on guidance from a trusted & experienced HR advisor.


I want to join a supportive community where I can bounce ideas off of other practice owners who share similar goals & challenges.

front desk

I want to turn my front desk into a revenue-generating machine. 


At DVM Elite, we grow veterinary practices by focusing on the compounding effect of intelligent marketing, profit-driving strategies, the optimal team dynamic, and smart workflows.

There are plenty of veterinary practice consulting services out there, so why choose DVM Elite? Because our success is 100% your success.


Our proven practice growth system is here 

Real Clients. Real Reviews.


You've seen this before. We get it. The good news is that you don't have to take our word for it. Hear feedback from one of our members  

"My new clients have skyrocketed" -Dr. Diana


We're your team of partners through ALL of your stages.

You own a veterinary, optometry, or dental practice and you want to build more revenue, increase profitability, optimize your team, and ultimately maximize your practice value in preparation for your dream exit. But most importantly, you understand that it's a journey and that you can't do it all on your own. At least not without sacrifice.

If that sounds like you, you're in the right place.



It starts with an exceptional team and ours is hands-down the best around. We Eliters are a passionate, kind, and innovative bunch. 



We are constantly blown away by our community of practice owners...their growth mindset, resilience, and dedication to the success of their is our honor to be on this journey with them.


While we love cookies (who doesn't?),
we are not fans of the "cookie-cutter" approach. Would it allow us to rapidly scale? Sure. But it doesn't serve our members well and it's just not our style.

If you're looking for a marketing and growth program that's tailored to your veterinary practice, your search can stop here.


We’ve been leveling the playing field for independent medical practices for over 10 years while living and breathing these core values

Make as BIG of a positive impact on the world as possible

Overdeliver by WOWing members at every turn

Boldy innovate and quickly implement

Work hard to build open, honest, & positive relationships

Be the best you can be both personally & professionally

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Social contribution has always been built into our business model as our #1 Core Value.

While we grow veterinary practices, we also grow our global impact. For years, we've funded Kiva microloans on behalf of our members in support of global small business owners. It's been incredible to see the impact through the personal stories of our loan recipients.


This year, we launched a partnership with Not One More Vet to support mental health.


DVM Elite
In Numbers








We are a dedicated crew of hardworking, skilled individuals who are committed to going above and beyond for our clients and each other. We also value and promote a healthy work-life balance. We work out, travel, and spend quality time with our families (two-legged and four). And thanks to the cloud, we are able to interact and have fun as a team – even though we may actually be located half a world away!

Although we are an entirely remote organization, we are a remarkably close-knit group. In fact, many of our “Eliters” say they feel more connected here than they ever have been in traditional office settings. Leveraging the latest tools and technology available, we’ve created a virtual working environment in which communication, collaboration, and support have become the cornerstones of our success.


If you are a diligent, ambitious, and enthusiastic professional who is looking for a fun and challenging career opportunity, we invite you to apply for any of our open positions below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Practices Made Perfect Blog
Practices Made Perfect Podcast

If you’re an independent veterinary, optical, or dental practice owner, this podcast is just for you! It’s brought to you by our DVM Elite team of experts - a platform dedicated to game-changing technology and life-changing connections for medical practices.

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