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Get to Know Us

Our team is what truly sets us apart.
We Eliters are talented, passionate, and most importantly,
committed to our mission and core values.  


Note from Dr. Michael Warren

About 10 years ago, I came to a pivotal decision. I wanted to make a difference and I had identified two possible paths...


I could dedicate my personal labor towards a particular cause.


OR I could build an organization that could develop the resources to make a potentially larger impact.

As a veterinarian, I realized that privately-owned clinics were the exact kind of small businesses that needed the help, so with entrepreneurial zeal, I plunged into building a team and a business model with 3 purposes:

  1. Transform the often stagnating business of independent clinics into a model which provides success for the owner, staff, and the community

  2. Build an internal team and culture which could create a real positive impact in the world

  3. Integrate the process of social contribution directly into the business model, so that not only private practices, but entrepreneurs around the world could benefit from the success in the form of micro credit loans funded on behalf of each client.

But this is just the beginning, as the DVM Elite team is as passionate as ever to find those fellow entrepreneurs willing and ready to make a difference, and provide them with strategy and tactics proven to completely transform their business.

"Join us on this exciting journey, to transform your business, your team, and ultimately to make a real impact in your local community..."


Dr. Michael Warren

Dr. Warren's dream has since attracted an exceptionally talented team that is dedicated to identifying the major obstacles preventing practice owners and their teams from being fully successful, and the key opportunities which would dramatically improve the client / clinic experience.

The DVM Elite Family of Brands

We call it the flywheel of success. Within our family of brands, you will find a comprehensive set of solutions designed specifically for private medical practices. 

Learn more about Concierge Elite, DreamTeam EliteUPbook Elite, and Transitions Elite

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Our 5 Core Teams


We gauge our success by yours. The Member Success Team exists for one purpose – to drive your practice to the next level. These business growth professionals are focused on the care of our members, guiding their practices forward with our proven strategic formula so they continually reach their goals.


Member Success

Team Builders


They say “Teamwork makes the dream work,” and we have to agree! Our Elite HR Advisors work in partnership with practices guiding all things team and culture. Our team of experts can consult on all HR topics including recruiting strategies, the hiring process, onboarding, compliance, comp plans and benefits, skill gaps, performance tracking, and leadership and delegation.




The goal of any marketing strategy is to get your practice name in front of as many potential clients as possible. That’s what our Visibility Team is focused on. Whether it’s identifying keywords and applying SEO strategies or managing Google Ads campaigns, this group works diligently behind the scenes to help our clients achieve page one status.

core teams


Getting your practice to operate like a well-oiled machine takes a lot of behind-the-scenes effort, but our Development Team is up to the task! This group of highly skilled, tech-savvy professionals is always on high alert, making sure that any and all technical developments are taken care of, both internally as well as for our clients. They help with website creation and are vigilantly on the lookout for new and updated technology to keep our clients’ sites on the cutting-edge.



Your website is the virtual front door of your practice and the content contained within provides an opportunity to make a connection right from the start. Our team of talented copywriters has perfected the art of capturing the voice of each client and delivering compelling content that builds relationships. Whether it’s website copy, staff biographies or blog posts, this team delivers writing that gets results.

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