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Why You Should Considering Attending the Western Veterinary

Updated: Apr 12

Have you been lucky enough to attend a veterinary conference yet? Perhaps you’ve put it off with excuses like you’re way too busy, your practice is finally taking off or you simply can’t justify the expense. The reality is, attending events such as the Western Veterinary Conference can benefit your career and the future of your practice in a number of ways. Still on the fence? Here are a few compelling reasons why you should take advantage of one of the many veterinary conferences 2017 has to offer.

Western Veterinary 2017

Continuing Education – One of the biggest benefits of being a part of the many available veterinary conferences 2017 has on tap is the ability to earn continuing education (CE) credits. As you are well aware, animal health care providers are required to earn a certain number of these CE credits each year in order to maintain their credentials and stay on top of industry changes. In a conference setting, attendees have the added benefit of learning in a pressure-free, interactive environment, making it that much more impactful.

Network Opportunities – Thanks to the internet and online resources like the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), industry professionals from across the globe are now able to connect and collaborate virtually from the comfort and convenience of their own offices. But let’s face it. There’s just something infinitely more rewarding about meeting up with someone in person. That’s another one of the many benefits veterinary conferences have to offer. Most attendees make valuable connections that last throughout their entire career.

Discover Something New – Beyond simply earning CE credits, conference attendees have the chance to experience things like interactive demos, live presentations, hands-on labs and more – all of which present the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in your field. The more you are able to stay ahead of the curve on these things, the better care you will be able to continuously deliver to your patients, which consequently makes your practice more marketable (so everyone wins).

Access to Experts – Look up any of the veterinary conferences 2017 still has in store and you’ll see a plethora of panels, presentations and speaking events by industry leading experts. That’s not including the many specialists and other highly qualified professionals who will also be in attendance. And while the Veterinary Information Network offers a way to connect virtually, being able to learn from and rub elbows with the best of the best in person will ultimately make you a better clinician.

Develop Leadership Skills – Another benefit of veterinary conferences is the ability to participate as a speaker or presenter. If you happen to have studied to become a specialist in a particular area, events like the Western Veterinary Conference provide a platform for sharing that knowledge and expertise. This will help you develop and hone your leadership skills while solidifying your place as a trusted resource among the veterinary community.

Ongoing Value – For instance, in addition to its annual event, the Western Veterinary Conference also offers year-round opportunities to earn comprehensive and practical continuing education credits at various locations nationwide. There is also the option to subscribe and receive access to resources generated from past events, such as conference videos, audio recordings, notes and more. It’s the next best thing to actually attending an event in person. Similarly, Veterinary Information Network offers a full course catalog of CE options that are also available year-round.

As you can see, there are many tangible and intangible benefits that come from taking part in a veterinary industry event. While the Western Veterinary Conference may have already taken place for the year, there are still a number of great veterinary conferences in 2017 to consider. Trust us – it’s well worth the investment.

Our Advice on Why You Should Considering Attending the Western Veterinary in 2024

How do veterinary conferences help professionals fulfill their continuing education (CE) requirements?

Veterinary conferences offer professionals a dynamic platform to fulfill their Continuing Education (CE) requirements, essential for maintaining credentials and staying updated with industry changes. These events provide an interactive environment for learning, allowing attendees to earn CE credits through various formats such as seminars, workshops, and hands-on labs. By covering the latest advancements and best practices in veterinary medicine, these conferences ensure practitioners can continuously deliver superior care. Additionally, the diverse range of topics and expert-led sessions cater to the broad interests and specialties within the veterinary field, making it easier for professionals to find relevant educational opportunities.

What are the networking opportunities offered at veterinary conferences?

Veterinary conferences provide unparalleled networking opportunities, enabling professionals to connect in person with peers, industry leaders, and specialists from across the globe. These events foster valuable relationships that can last throughout one's career, facilitating collaboration, mentorship, and the exchange of ideas. Attendees have the chance to engage directly with experts, participate in discussions, and potentially meet future collaborators or employers. Beyond formal sessions, social events and informal gatherings offer additional avenues for building connections, sharing experiences, and discovering new perspectives within the veterinary community.

Are there different types of conferences, and how might those impact a veterinarian's choice?

Yes, the veterinary field offers a variety of conferences, including general practice, specialty-specific, research-focused, and industry-related events. A veterinarian's choice among these depends on their professional focus, career stage, and educational needs. General practice conferences cover a broad range of topics suitable for vets seeking a comprehensive update or CE credits. Specialty conferences delve deeper into specific areas of interest, ideal for specialists or those looking to develop expertise. Research and industry conferences are geared towards professionals involved in veterinary science advancements or the business aspects of practice, providing targeted networking and learning opportunities.

How can veterinarians assess the cost-benefit ratio of attending a conference?

Veterinarians can assess the cost-benefit ratio of attending a conference by considering both tangible and intangible returns on investment. Tangible benefits include earning required Continuing Education (CE) credits, which can be costlier through other means, and gaining knowledge that can improve practice efficiency or expand services offered. Intangible benefits encompass networking opportunities, which can lead to collaborations or referrals, and exposure to the latest industry innovations and trends. By comparing these benefits against the costs of registration, travel, and time away from practice, veterinarians can make an informed decision on the value of attending a specific conference.

How can veterinarians select the most relevant conferences based on their practice type, career stage, or specific learning goals?

Veterinarians can select the most relevant conferences by first defining their specific learning goals, considering their current career stage, and identifying the needs of their practice type. For those in general practice, broader conferences covering a wide range of topics may offer the most value. Specialists, however, might prefer events focused on their specific area of expertise to deepen their knowledge. Early-career veterinarians could look for conferences with strong educational tracks and mentoring opportunities, while more experienced practitioners may seek advanced sessions or leadership roles. Evaluating the conference agenda for sessions that align with personal learning objectives or practice challenges can guide veterinarians in choosing the events most beneficial to their professional development.

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