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Don’t Miss The OVMA Conference 2012

Updated: Mar 2

Coming quickly is the OVMA Conference 2012 held January 26th-28th in Toronto, Ontario – it is the largest of its kind in Canada.

Dr. Warren, DVMelite’s Managing Director, has a jam packed 5 lecture series followed by a full day of workshops geared towards practices who recognize the importance of online media to generate significant practice growth. Each lecture will provide an overview of the topic and leave the attendee with a specific tool which they can apply in their practice to get results.

Lecture details can be found below:

Online Marketing Explained – You know you should have an online presence, but why? Find out why you should establish yourself and your practice within the online world, and learn some great online veterinary marketing strategies.

What Makes an Effective Website – What makes a good veterinary website? Dr. Warren will teach you the basic principles for creating a successful veterinary website, and will highlight the importance of a website that is attractive, simple and effective.

Search Engine Marketing – What is Search Engine Optimization? You need to have a great SEO strategy in place in order to drive people to your website. Dr. Warren will teach you good SEO principles and how to implement them.

Social Media 101 – Are you a twit when it comes to Twitter? This presentation will serve as an introduction to popular social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, blogging) and will teach you how they can be used as a great marketing and communications aide for veterinary practices.

Reputation Management – The Internet is used as a forum for discussion for veterinarians, clients, and the public alike. Learn how to become aware of and guide the conversations that are going on around you.

Learn more about the OVMA Conference 2012 by reading the following OVMA 2012 Preview.

OVMA Conference 2012

OVMA Conference 2012

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