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Why A Veterinary Facebook Page Design?

Updated: Oct 27

One of the primary goals when it comes to social media is to encourage as many “fans” or “followers” as possible, as this expands the range of your practices voice and promotes the (free) word of mouth advertising that naturally sweeps across social networks.

So what happens when a visitor to your practice’s Facebook page first arrives there? Usually they come to your practices ‘Wall’ which is an revolving whiteboard of your posts and the messages from Fans of your Facebook page. The problem is, when most people land on these pages the most common response is to stare back at it blankly then click your mouse to move on and away from what just looks like a mess of unrelated excerpts. You see, with a typical Facebook page there is nothing inherently built in to grab you, and more importantly, there is nothing there to tell you what you should do. And the result? A visitor who started out being interested in your practice now can’t get away fast enough, and like a feather in the wind they’re potentially gone forever.

Now, what if there was a way to make a visitors initial impression of your Facebook page more positive and compelling? At the same time, what if there was a way to gain a 30%-50% increase in new followers without blowing the financial, temporal and energy bank of resources you have for such campaigns? Well, I’m happy to say that there is indeed a way, and it comes in the form of some unique modifications to your main page that will transform the way your ‘fans’ now experience and interact with your Facebook site.

With a properly designed site, a visitor should arrive at your practice’s Facebook page and be urged to click “Like” in order to unlock the page and/or watch a video. The visitor is clearly interested to some degree (or they wouldn’t be there in the first place), so clicking ‘Like’ is no big deal, especially as they’re now intrigued and probably really want to see that darn video. They realize the worst that can happen is they become a ‘fan’ of your practice which allows them to join your community and participate in your ongoing posts and discussions.

From the above example, I am sure you can visualize the positive impact a catchy and well thought out Facebook design can have. For the same amount of work that you are already putting into maintaining and promoting the page, and with just a few modifications, you can now receive a significantly increased percentage of ‘Fans’ over time. This ultimately will make a tremendous difference in the growth of your social media presence, and in turn will greatly benefit your practice.

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