Correct That Messy Veterinary Facebook Page Link!

Updated: Sep 3

Veterinary Facebook Page

Veterinary Facebook Page

Initially, when you create your veterinary Facebook page, it will have a messy link with a long string of numbers, making it impossible to brand and share your veterinary Facebook page link with your clients. This is an example of a default link

Fortunately, Facebook has an option where you can shorten your Facebook link to match your brand and to be easily shared. So for example your veterinary Facebook page link would go from to

This are the steps you need to follow:

1. Ensure that your page has over 25 fans as this is the minimum number which qualifies.

2. Log into your Facebook page, and click on the following link

3. Facebook will force you to log in personally, however you will see a drop down menu where you can select your Facebook Page

4. Choose a name which matches your brand (and choose carefully as you cannot change it afterward)

5. Now with your shortened link in hand, add your Veterinary Facebook Page link it to all of your client handouts and marketing material – increasing your social network and furthering your practice brand.