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Trendiest Pet Blog Topics of the Year

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Pet blogs are such an easy way to gain traction for your clinic and website. These blogs do not have to be long, but they should be informative, succinct, and professional for your clientele to refer to or read at their leisure. Here are 12 of the most popular topics to use for your veterinary blog.

Pet Blog Topics

Is it Right to Write?

When you are just starting out with your blogs (or even if you are a seasoned veterinary writer), it can be really difficult to determine what to write for your clients that they will actually read. Trendy pet blog topics are a surefire way to get your pet business clients and potential clients to actually read what you wrote and take something from the content.

The most important questions you must ask yourself when determining pet blog topics are:

“Will my clientele actually read the blog I have written?”

“Can my clientele easily utilize the information I provide to make their lives easier and/or their pets safer?”

It is necessary to be sure that any content written is easily comprehensible by your general clientele. Large medical terminology and in-depth scientific reasonings behind your pet blog topics are not necessary and will likely decrease your readership. A good rule of thumb, to make sure everyone at any age can utilize the information you provide, is to try and write your blog so that a teenager can understand the content. This will cover all of your bases and all of your clients will be sure to understand the important information you are providing.

These pet blog topics can certainly be fluff pieces, but, ideally, you want your clients to comprehend the information provided and utilize it in their day-to-day practices. There is simply no point in writing about certain topics if no one will utilize the information you are providing.

Knowing where to start is half of the battle when writing blogs, but don’t worry! We have compiled a list of 12 great pet blog ideas and tips for you to get started or spark ideas for your next topic!

1. Breeds

This fun and trendy pet blog idea has loads of options to discuss. Oftentimes, in practice, you will find people wishing to purchase a specific breed or actually breed their pet. You can write about all of it in your blog!

  • Best Breeds that Suit Your Needs

  • Tips to Find the Best Bred Dogs or Cats

  • Should You Breed Your Dog?

  • Pregnancy in Pets

    • Signs to Look For

    • When Should They See the Vet

    • Labor and Delivery

    • Nursing

    • Aftercare

  • Genetic Malformations

There are so many different variations to the topic of breeds and actually breeding. Play with this and have fun creating informative topics to lessen the questions you receive in practice and provide an excellent resource to look to in case of after hours issues.

2. Dog Training

Dog training is an easy thing to write about and teach. New puppy owners especially need assistance with training tips and tricks. You could advise on anything such as:

  • Potty Training

  • Leash Training

  • Recall

  • Sit

  • Shake

  • Down

The basics are best because that is what you know best and is easily translatable to clients. If they want more extensive work and you know how to train for such, by all means, utilize that knowledge to speak about:

  • Search and Rescue

  • Bite Work

  • Protection Work

  • Narcotics Detection

Any information that you are knowledgeable enough to contribute is on the table.

3. Cat Training

Cat training is so useful for pet owners because most people do not bother to train them in general. This pet blog topic is a great tool for people to have in terms of:

  • Socialization with

    • People

    • Animals

  • Nail Trims

  • Grooming

Cat training is fun to do in general and people love trying to train their cats how to sit, shake, or even use the toilet. It is a more tedious process than with dogs, but it can be done!

4. Litter Box issues

Litter Box issues with felines are probably one of the most asked-about issues that clients come to the veterinarian for, right? Instead of giving the same speech each time, simply forward them to your blog! Here you can discuss all aspects of inappropriate elimination for instance:

  • Has Your Cat Experienced Anything Outside of the Normal Routine?

  • Any New Stressors in the Household?

  • Have they been Tested for a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

  • Do They Have a History of Stones?

  • Do They Have a History of Kidney Disease?

  • Have You Tried…?

    • Purchasing an Additional Litter Box

    • Moving Your Current Litter Boxes

    • Changing the Litter

    • Removing the Hood or Adding a Hood

    • Deep-Cleaning the Spot or Spots They Have Been Eliminating On

  • Have They Been on any Drugs Relating to this Issue in the Past?

This particular topic is so easy to discuss and can be referenced at any time. Additionally, you may consider breaking these issues into a series to make the information much easier to digest at once.

5. Diarrhea

If litter box issues are the number one asked question in veterinary medicine, then questions about pet diarrhea are a close second.

Pet owners want to know what diarrhea means, what they can do to fix it, and if their pet needs to be seen. Pet blogging can address everything in one article or break it into a series. You can work through:

  • Stool Appearance

  • Parasitic Infections

  • Importance of Fecal Analysis

  • Parvo Testing

  • Food or Current Diet

  • Are They Eating Human Food?

  • At Home Fixes

  • When to See the Vet

All of these important topics can give clear, reliable instructions on what to do if your pet is needing assistance or if it can be a quick fix at home. You will likely find that this expertise will also help reduce your clinical workload and save owners an unnecessary vet bill. It’s a win-win product!

6. Heartworms

Heartworms are a brutal and totally avoidable infection.

Owners may know this, but not know how severe the treatment is for their pet. Pet blogging will walk them through the steps from start to finish and then talk about how to prevent the infection.

  • Heartworm Life Cycle

  • Heartworm Testing

  • Heartworm Treatment Products

  • Heartworm Prevention Products

This list of ideas is enough information to be done in one blog post, but if you find you wish to break it up, you certainly can. Additionally, this pet blog topic is a great reference article to forward clients to if they want clearer descriptions and or diagrams to review if they have additional questions.

7. Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are incredibly common. Most people choose to utilize the preventative simply because these insects are disgusting and can cause an infestation in homes. However, they may not know why it is so important to prevent these infestations. Pet blog ideas here may include:

  • Fleaborne Diseases

  • Tickborne Diseases

  • Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)

  • Zoonotic Diseases

  • Flea and Tick Prevention Products

  • Tips and Tricks to Remove Fleas and Ticks from Your Home

Many people don’t consider the fact that the Plague, Ehrlichiosis, Lyme, and so many others are diseases that can be easily caught by humans if animals are also exposed.

8. Annual Exams

Annual exams are the easiest way to keep up with the Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR), but also for early detection of many diseases. The blog posts could be simple and broken into series if you would like. Again, there are so many different and equally important topics you can cover.

  • VCPR: What is it and Why is it Important for Your Pet?

  • Annual Physical

  • Annual Bloodwork

  • Bi-Annual Bloodwork for Seniors

  • Annual Vaccines and Titers

  • Early Onset Diseases

9. Adoptions

This one is such an easy topic because everyone loves to read about animals up for adoption. Whether you have animals onsite or you are partnered with a local animal shelter, your readers absolutely adore a heartfelt blog about a pet’s story.

When writing these pieces, consider writing in a way that tugs at the reader’s heart because that will get them adopted much faster and bring many more interactions on your page.

Consider writing about:

  • The Pet’s (usually a dog or cat) Sad Backstory

    • If known, great!

    • If not known, abandoned or dumped are great keywords

  • Their Path to Redemption

    • Any medical issues they have overcome

    • Any behavioral issues they have overcome

  • Any medical procedures that have been completed

  • Any issues that need work

    • Potty training

    • No kids, dogs, or cats

The list of ideas above are a great way for people to determine if the dog or cat will adjust well in their home without having to field the same questions from every person inquiring. Tip: Write from the perspective of the pet. People tend to react more to those blogs as it is more fun and creative.

10. Traveling

Ways to combat travel or crate anxiety are an excellent pet blog idea. People frequently travel with their pets, but some pets tend to drool, pant, panic, vomit, or have diarrhea from the simple anxiety of leaving their normal environment.

  • Pheromones

    • Feliway and Adaptil

  • Calming Supplements

  • Mild Sedatives

    • When you need them vs alternatives

  • Tips to Encourage Positive Car Traveling

    • In Dogs

    • In Cats

11. Core Vaccines

As everyone in the veterinary medical field knows, vaccinations are essential for the health and safety of pets. However, there are many that refuse to believe that the vaccines save the lives of countless pets daily. It is always beneficial for pet owners to know more about these vaccines we are insisting upon.

  • How Vaccines Work

  • Puppy or Kitten Series and Timetable

  • Rabies

    • Local Requirements

    • Signs and Symptoms

    • Mortality Rate

  • Distemper

    • Signs and Symptoms

    • Supportive Care Process

    • Mortality Rate

  • Parvovirus

    • Signs and Symptoms

    • Supportive Care Process

    • Mortality Rate

  • Alternative Options for Adult Animals Only

    • Titers

    • 3-Year Vaccinations

Ideally, these topics will encourage pet owners who are hesitant to vaccinate due to any outside influence to proceed with the core vaccines at a minimum. These pet blog topics are certainly not meant to scare pet owners into vaccinating and should not be written as such. It is simply to provide the relevant information.

12. Nail Trimming

Nail trimming is an easy pet blog idea that can cover various issues relating to posture and joint health.

  • Tips on At-Home Nail Trimming Tutorial

    • Preferably Video and Audio added to the blog

    • Anatomy of the Nail

    • Dogs with Different Colored Nails

    • Cats

  • Long Nails Affect Posture

  • Long Nails Affect Joint Health

  • Obesity and Nail Length

  • Preferred Joint Supplements

  • Food and Dietary Requirements

    • To Increase Nail Health

    • To Increase Gut Health

    • To Increase Skin Health

Pet blogging that is worth the read often takes some time and effort to create. Pet blog topics should be easy to read, around 500-1000 words, and include at least one high-quality picture. Some struggle to write constant blogs, which is completely understandable. If this is you, a tip is to delegate the workload! Some food for thought: ask your staff to pick a topic once a month and write about it. Depending on the presentation, your staff may find this opportunity exciting and make them feel more valued as a staff member. Take the time to review the information they provide for all of the necessary components and then post it.

Now that you have a plethora of pet blog ideas and topics, it is time to get to writing for your pet business! Do you have any questions or concerns about getting started? Contact us now to speak with one of our veterinary practice coaches and we will provide you with tips to make sure you start off on the right foot.

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