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New Year New Vet! 8 Veterinary Blogs to Revamp your Practice

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Can Veterinary Blogs really help build a practice?

Of course, they can!

Are you a Veterinarian looking to expand your business through new client acquisition? Are you a Veterinary Practice Manager looking to increase productivity and sales? Maybe you want your team to be more cohesive? Veterinary Blogs are just what you need.

Veterinary Blogs

Time and time again, the veterinary industry is bogged down with the daily duties you must accomplish and things like continuing education, business expansion, and/or team building exercises get put on the back burner for another day. Taking the time to find a dedicated source is time away from your business or your home life.

Veterinary blogs written by veterinary experts for veterinary professionals are key to helping amp up a successful practice. You are taking advice from other individuals who have been there and done that. You can learn about the latest medical procedures and interesting case studies, while diving into bettering your current marketing and sales procedures, empowering your veterinary team to work more cohesively, and so much more. The limits are endless!

Can Veterinary Blogs also help with your VCPR?

Another astounding, YES!

Veterinary Blogs are filled with quick tips and tricks to not only help your business, but they help build a bridge between pet owners and practice owners.

The Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR) is the most important aspect of your business. You would do anything to maintain this because it is the bread and butter of your business model (aside from saving the lives of pets), right?

Veterinarian blogs can help you quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses in your client acquisition process. Do you have difficulty attaining and/or keeping clients? Do you have communicative customer service? What about bed-side manners?

Blogs can help you, as the professional, identify what is lacking from within the practice and help you edit clinic protocol to bring in more clients and keep more clients. Depending on the situation, it may be a validated, obvious change or something you had yet to think of. Either way, learning to identify and improve your relationship with your clients will improve your overall business, client perception, and your community reputation.

Do Blogs for Veterinarians Help Increase Workplace morale?

They certainly can.

Think about it. You wouldn’t even be on this particular blog if you didn’t care about your clients, your patients, and your staff.You simply cannot run a veterinary practice alone. Trust-worthy, dependable, supportive, and caring staff members will help you ascertain more clients and keep excellent relationships with your current clients.

Do you need help finding these individuals? Need ideas for team building? Do you want to offer opportunities for support and growth within your staff, while still maintaining professionalism? All of this content can quickly be found within these blogs for veterinarians.

8 Leading Blogs for Veterinarians That Will Give You All The Answers

We have compiled a list of 8 of the most popular veterinary blog resources for veterinarians. An added bonus here is that these are fantastic resources to provide owners who are wishing to learn more about a particular process, procedure, medication, diagnosis, etc. You can simply review the content and send pet pet parents with a website link for further information on the respective topic. This makes your practice look very accomplished and takes the work off of your plate because you don’t have to write the content yourself.

Without further ado, here are the best blogs to review to make your veterinary practice a top-notch facility for your beloved community.

Please note they are listed in alphabetical order.

1. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

You would think that this goes without saying, but the AVMA is the best source for any information regarding the current state of veterinary medicine. This veterinary blog is composed of veterinarians and veterinary experts from all across the country and of all facets of medicine who share their experiences within the vet field. These individuals are often highly regarded within their respective field with an astronomical amount of research backing their findings.

You can find articles in regard to intriguing case studies, zoonotic diseases, nutrition, idiopathic illnesses, anesthesia, collective mental health, parasitic infections, neurology, and so much more.

Patients and procedures aren’t always black and white, cut and dry. This is a fantastic resource to brush up on the latest medical procedures and cases to be at the top of your game. You never know when that one patient will pop positive for a rare condition or just stump you entirely.

This is your go to blog for your continuing education, those patients that are simply dumbfounding you, or a generally interesting read.

The AVMA is the easiest and most notable source for reliable information. Find the answers you are looking for at Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association | AVMA.

2. Dr. Andy Roark

Dr. Andy Roark is a Veterinarian based out of the USA who uses his blog to offer advice to veterinary practices and help bridge the gap between pet owners and vets.

His platform includes blogs, Facebook, and Instagram, where his posts reach thousands of viewers. Dr. Andy Roark targets professionals within the field, but his biggest intended audience is pet parents. The topics he discusses include, but aren’t limited to:

  • One Health Initiative;

  • Not One More Vet (NOMV);

  • Utilization of Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT’s, LVT’s, and CVT’s);

  • Veterinary Technician Title Protection;

  • Importance of Annual Physical Exams;

  • Importance of Dental Prophylaxis;

  • Vaccination Protocols;

  • Importance of Canine Socialization and Training.

While the premise of Dr. Roark’s platform is directed predominantly at creating content to inform clientele on anything they wish to know veterinary-related, Dr. Roark is a fantastic example of utilizing veterinarian blogs and social media posts to reach clientele in a positive, inclusive manner. His information is engaging, fun, and informative, which helps drive more people to his business doors!

Dr. Roark’s genuine love and care for patients, staff, clients, and veterinary medicine as a whole is undeniably clear. Rediscover that passion here Blog (

3. Ethos Veterinary Health

A 5 star resource for both pet parents and people in the vet industry! Ethos, named poignantly after Greek ‘ethics’, has veterinary blogs on blogs that are divided into sections based on what you are wishing to learn more about. Professionals can choose to read about so many varying topics:

  • Integrative Medicine;

  • Veterinary News;

  • Behavior;

  • Chemotherapy;

  • Cardiology;

  • Dermatology;

  • Emergency and Critical Care;

  • And so much more!

These topics can increase patient quality of life all while continuing your education.

Pet owners can choose blogs to better inform them on issues ranging from:

  • Training;

  • Pet overpopulation in shelters;

  • Recent medical diagnosis of their dog or cat;

  • General Animal Wellness;

  • Pocket Pets.

Ethos Veterinary Health has articles written by veterinarians excelling in their field on such a wide variety of practice medicine. If you are looking to brush up on some light reading, read the latest news, or forward clients to well-written and accurate pet-based articles, this is a great option to have on hand!

Want to take a peek at what Ethos has to offer? Check out their website for their most recent posts at Veterinary News Blog (

4. I Love Veterinary

I Love Veterinary is another great resource for owners wishing to find the best and reliable information for their animal related questions. Their writers are often credentialed and knowledgeable individuals who provide accurate and up to date information for all of those at home answer seekers.

This particular blog assists in answering basic questions new pet owners may have after adopting their cat or dog. Owners can visit basic topics such as pet anxiety, top-rated cat litter types, best odor eliminators, and how much exercise your animal may need.

This content is predominantly for owners, however there are several resources for practice owners and staff members needing to broaden their horizons and dive into research on diseases, medications, and various procedures.

Here is the link to the blogs. Check them out at Blog | I Love Veterinary - Dedicated to Veterinary Professionals.

5. Dr. Marty Becker

Dr. Marty Becker is one of America’s most well-known veterinarians. He is the founder of Fear Free, which allows veterinary staff to learn techniques to reduce fear and anxiety within veterinary practices. Dr. Becker has also written numerous books and newspaper articles, so why not blogs!

Dr. Becker is obviously a leading professional in, not only the field of veterinary medicine, but specifically in regard to the human-animal bond. He is an incredibly reliable source to owners and vets alike.

In addition to writing blogs pertaining to various animal-related subjects, Dr. Becker’s Fear Free organization allows for staff to continue their education by attaining this certification.

By advertising one’s clinic to be Fear Free, or that your staff are Fear Free certified, you are telling clients that their pets are in safe, relaxed hands. That you care about their mental health and safety, as well as their physical health and safety.

This website has blogs for veterinarians, blogs for owners, and a great marketing tool to increase your veterinary client patient relationship. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Interested in seeing what Dr. Becker has to say? Have a look at Blog - Dr. Marty Becker (

6. Merck Manual

The Merck Manual is similar to the AVMA blog. Anyone who is anyone in the vet field knows Merck and the resources it produces for professionals and students alike. Many of us even have the textbook(s) to prove it.

As many of the others, Merck provides an outstanding resource to owners and professionals in regard to just about any question one might have. The main resource here is for professionals as there is quite a bit of extensive medical jargon included in their blogs, but some owners may be interested in several of their blogs should it pertain to their beloved pet.

Many animal-related topics you will find in this source are strictly medical or news-related and are rarely about practice management. You will find content on a plethora of different subjects such as:

  • Behavior;

  • Critical Care;

  • Nutrition;

  • Pharmacology;

  • Public Health.

These topics are covered by credentialed experts in their fields, predominantly Veterinarians. It is an excellent resource for owners, but even more so for practice owners and professionals who can get quick and reliable information in their time of need.

7. VETGirl

As you may have gathered, VETGirl is geared to target veterinary professionals. VETGirl has blogs, articles, webinars, and continuing education galore. It is a one stop shop for any practice owner or veterinary professional.

The blogs are written by professionals in the field to help increase their mental health, quality of life, and education. However, it is done in a positive and upbeat manner to keep the readers engaged and actually want to learn. This is an extremely useful tool for field workers as they cover topics such as:

  • Professional Growth;

  • Women’s Leadership;

  • Creating Hobbies;

  • Preventing Hospital Turnover;

  • Multimodal Treatment Approaches to FLUTD;

  • The Importance of Community Outreach;

  • Care of Heartworm Positive Patients;

  • And so much more!

What’s nice about this blog is that the writers will encompass any topic between practice management, medical procedures, and mental health.

Reading this blog will certainly help boost your personal and professional growth in more ways than you could count. Find those blogs at their website Blog - VETgirl (

8. Veterinary Practice News

Last, but certainly not least, Veterinary Practice News is the go to blog for anything and everything vet med. These blogs will give you the most insight in how to expand your business in more ways than you can imagine.

Also written by various veterinary professionals, the content covers anything you can think of regarding the newest medical breakthroughs and updated practice management techniques. Topics that you will often find within the virtual pages of these blogs are:

  • Using Marketing and Sales to your advantage;

  • Client Acquisition;

  • Best Software for Vet Med;

  • Utilizing Social Media to your advantage;

  • Utilizing your Credentialed Technicians;

  • Understanding Title Protection;

  • Combating Compassion Fatigue;

  • Combating Burnout;

  • When to Fire Clients;

  • Latest Anesthesia Protocols.

The learning opportunities are endless. Veterinary Practice News is made solely to better practices and provide the utmost quality patient care. If you are looking to do just that, check out their blog selection at Practice Management - Veterinary Practice News.

Blogs Might be the Missing Link

It is no secret that doing your research will help you and your practice thrive. However, it is so difficult to take the time to find that information, inform your staff, and affirmatively implement it into action. Not to mention, it takes time to find interesting continuing education to upkeep your license. Time is something we all are limited on in general. At the bare minimum, we took the time so you don’t have to.

These veterinary blogs are often what is missing in your practice to make it the best that it can possibly be. The list of resources above is just the tip of the iceberg to the overwhelming amount of information out in the world. You are on the fast track to getting those clients, to expanding your business, to making your team work better as a unit, and to crafting top-notch patient care. The world is at your fingertips and we are at your disposal.

Just One Click Away

Are you going to let something as simple as time stand between you and a successful practice? Taking that little bit of extra time now, will save you time in the long run.

Think about it. Say you want to bring in more clientele.

Do you just sit around and hope that word of mouth brings in more people? No.

You start taking measures to bring more people in. You read blogs and articles and journals and discover so many different ways to bring in people. You make posts on your social media page that show the world that your clinic is caring, but also has a fun personality. You start doing community outreach to a local shelter once a month to help the less fortunate. You include posts of adoptable animals you have helped at the shelter on your social media accounts. You set up a booth at the local festival to talk to people about why preventative pet care is so important to identify disease in its early stages.

By taking the time to dig a little deeper, you will be able to do whatever you desire to do within your practice.

All it takes is a little time and just one click of the mouse.

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