How to Expand Your Veterinary Practice into the Mobile Market

How to Expand Your Veterinary Practice into the Mobile Market

These days it seems just about everyone owns a smartphone. With that number expected to climb to 1 billion by the year 2016, more and more businesses are recognizing how powerful mobile marketing can be. The veterinary industry is no exception. By reaching your clients and prospects whenever and wherever they may be at any given moment, you can increase your brand exposure, improve engagement and grow your practice even more.

Not yet leveraging this powerful tool? Here are a few simple tips on how you can expand your veterinary practice into the mobile market.

Bring Your Website Mobile – You may have developed a dynamic website for your veterinary practice, but that design may not translate properly to mobile devices. Not to worry! There are tools available that allow you to design a separate mobile version of your website that is specifically formatted for optimum display on things like smartphones, tablets or e-readers. This can be done a variety of ways – check with your web developer to determine which would make the most sense for you.

Educate Yourself – There’s really no better way to truly grasp the power of mobile marketing and how it can help your veterinary practice than by trying it out for yourself. If you have a smartphone, take a few moments to play around with the various applications and mobile options you have. Pay for coffee with a payment app, order something through a store’s mobile site, or check in on Facebook places. When you begin to see with your own eyes the incredible things that can be done with mobile marketing, you’ll feel much more confident about employing it for your veterinary practice.

Claim Your Practice on Location Based Platforms – Citations like Yelp, Google Places, FourSquare and Facebook Places are powerful tools for your practice’s online presence. These location-based platforms let you reach prospects wherever they are and encourage them to interact with your practice on a more personal level. Get creative with this. Consider offering a coupon for a discount on veterinary services to anyone who checks in to the pet store near you. The sky is the limit!

Set Up a Mobile Ad Campaign – Mobile advertising is basically delivering ads for your practice directly to the mobile devices of your prospects. This type of marketing is very effective because it is much more defined and targeted than traditional advertising methods. When someone in the area of your clinic does a search on their phone or mobile device for veterinary services in your area, your ad will instantly pop up, increasing the chances of converting.

Leverage QR Codes – In a recent article we discussed what QR codes are and how they can be used effectively for the modern veterinary practice. This is a simple, yet incredibly effective mobile marketing strategy that can help you reach your target audience, deliver important information to them, and engage them on a level that will endear them to your practice. The more loyalty you build, the further you will be able to experience growth.

Mobile marketing is far less complicated than you may think. And if you’re not yet leveraging this powerful tool for your veterinary practice, you are likely missing out on new business. Put these simple tips into action and watch as your practice growth continues to climb.