Craft The Perfect Veterinary Bio

Updated: 3 days ago

If your veterinary practice is going to change one single thing on your website, let it be your veterinarian and staff bios.

Fact: The “About Us” page is the most frequented page on a veterinary website.

Clients care more about who you are as a practice than even what you do, therefore if the biographical aspect meets with their approval (i.e. they have connected with you) then they will likely venture on to the other sections of your clinic’s website (such as services etc.).

Resist the temptation to make these Common Bio Errors:

  1. Focusing on professional (versus personal) interests

  2. Using medical terminology

  3. Being too brief and unengaging

  4. Minimal reference to personal passions

  5. Minimal family information

  6. No reference to pet bios

In contrast to the above, the perfect bio paints a picture – story telling is how we understand the world so every message we convey should be structured as a narrative sequence.Our objective with the perfect bio is to inspire & engage – creating a personal connection which lays the foundation for future, in person relationships with prospective/active clients.  We want to give them a snapshot into our lives, not just the ubiquitous white lab coat & stethoscope persona they meet during their veterinary appointment.

Your Perfect Veterinary Bio –Answer the following questions:

  1. What is your position within the clinic?

  2. What are your personal origins – how did you come to reside in your current location?

  3. Why did you became a veterinarian (inspirations, passions)?

  4. How did you became a veterinarian (educational background in a sequential story telling sequence)?

  5. What do you you actually do as a veterinarian (professional interests, awards, associations, and why you are passionate about these interests)?

  6. Who is in your family and what are their interests and achievements?

  7. Who are your pets and what are their names, ages, histories, and personalities?

  8. What are your personal interests, and achievements (inspirations, passions)?

Through answering the above questions, your veterinary and staff bios will take on a narrative structure which showcases both the personal and the professional – furthering your practice’s client engagement efforts.