3 Tips to Boost Your Veterinary Blog Traffic

3 Tips to Boost Your Veterinary Blog Traffic

In previous articles we’ve discussed the importance of posting consistently on your veterinary blog, and how to optimize the content within those blog articles for best results in the search engines. But how do you get people to actually go to your veterinary blog? There are a number of different techniques that can be applied, but we thought it might be helpful to highlight three ways that you can structure your content to not only bring more traffic to your veterinary blog, but to also entice those readers to link to and share that content.

Address a Problem or Pain Point

People regularly turn to the internet when they have a problem or a question about something that is important to them. Pet owners are no exception. In fact, we affectionately refer to this as consulting with Dr. Google when people do a search about a problem they’re experiencing with their pet. So how can you capitalize on this? Well, if you know what your clients’ and prospects’ pain points are, you can develop content that addresses those problems and provides a solution. This is valuable to web visitors, and will position you as an expert that they can turn to whenever they need help with their animal companions.

The goal is to learn what your audience wants and needs, and address those things through your veterinary blog. That way when someone turns to Dr. Google, it’s your article that will show up in the results. And when prospective clients come to trust you as an online resource, it’s only natural that they’ll also want to become a client of your veterinary clinic.

Give Them the Best

Generally speaking, people always want to know what’s best. This concept can easily be applied to web content. A person searching online for dog toys isn’t just looking for a mediocre selection – they want to know which ones are the best so they can make a more informed purchasing decision. When you develop your content, focus on offering your readers “best of” or “top 5” type articles. These will produce better results within the search rankings, and will subsequently attract more traffic to your veterinary blog. Additionally, this will help to establish yourself as an expert in your area and a valuable veterinary resource for your clients and your prospects.

Deliver the News

Veterinary clients love it when their vet keeps them in the know. They love their animals, and want to make sure that they stay on top of any pertinent news that may affect them. A veterinary blog is an excellent tool to quickly disseminate important news and information to your existing clients, and will likely also attract interested prospects. You can use your veterinary blog to make an announcement about a new staff member, let your clients know about a new service you’ll be offering, or communicate time-sensitive and important animal health news, such as product recalls. The more informed you keep your customers, the more they will come to view your veterinary practice as their go-to source for pet related news and information.

A veterinary blog is much more than a place to simply enter keyword optimized content. It’s a valuable tool through which you can attract and retain traffic for your website. The more people you can entice to visit your veterinary blog, the greater your chances of converting those prospects into actual clients. Apply these tools and watch as your simple veterinary blog becomes transformed into a powerful client-generating machine that will fuel the growth of your practice both now and well into the future.