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Why Should Your Veterinary Practice Consider a QR Code for Print?

Updated: May 3

Veterinary Practice Consider a QR Code for Print

What is a QR Code?

QR stands for “quick response”, which basically relates to how quickly the code can be scanned and read by a smartphone. These innocent looking boxes actually contain a wealth of information, which is transmitted to the phone or mobile device via a QR reader. In simplest of terms, to scan a QR code, a user would simply pull up the QR reader app and hover the camera of their smartphone over the code. Once scanned, the user will have access to whatever the code contained, which may be information about a business, details about a particular product, a URL to a related website, or even a coupon to be used on a future purchase.

Are QR Codes the Same as Barcodes?

While the concept is basically the same, QR codes are actually much more useful than traditional barcodes for a number of reasons. First, they can store and digitally convey much more information and data, such as website URLs, geographical coordinates and a huge amount of text. They are also much more convenient and practical, since they can be scanned using common mobile devices, unlike traditional barcodes, which required the use of bulky handheld scanners.

Why Would a Veterinary Practice Want One?

We all know that one of the most important components of practice growth is creating a clear call to action for your prospects to follow. By providing people with a QR code that they can quickly scan, you can instantly deliver your contact information directly to their mobile device. When a potential client scans your QR code, your practice name, phone number, address, email address, website URL, social media links and whatever else you’d like to communicate will be instantly added to that person’s smartphone and ready to use! QR codes make it even easier for prospects to take that important step and call to book an appointment with you.

Where Would I Use a QR Code?

QR codes are incredibly easy to use, particularly with websites, and you can use them in a number of ways to generate more interest and increase leads. Some of the ways you could utilize a QR code for your practice include:

  1. Contact Us Page – Sure a visitor to your website can view your contact information when they’re at a computer, but why not make it even easier by letting them transfer that information directly to their mobile device by providing them with a QR code that contains everything they need to get in touch with you?

  2. Printable Pages – If your website contains any pages that are designed for visitors to be able download and print them, include your QR code on these pages that links back to your website.

  3. Printed Marketing Materials – If you’re sending out postcards, placing an ad in the local newspaper or handing out business cards, you should include your QR code on these materials to draw people to your website.

How Can I Get Mine?

There are a number of ways you can build your own QR code, but the good news is – if you’re a client of DVMelite, you don’t have to! This exclusive feature is now a free option for all of our valued clients. Use your customized QR code on your practice website, blog, social media profiles and in all of your online marketing. You will also be given a file of the QR code that you can use on your printed marketing materials as well.

Latest data reveals that an astounding 144.9 million smartphones were purchased worldwide in the first quarter of 2012 alone. With that much of the population owning mobile devices that are capable of scanning QR codes, it only stands to reason that businesses that are not leveraging this powerful marketing tool are missing out. The modern veterinary practice is no exception. In order to realize continued growth in the digital age, QR codes are a necessary component of the overall marketing strategy.

Our Advice on Why Should Your Veterinary Practice Consider a QR Code for Print in 2024

How can veterinary practices track and analyze the effectiveness of their QR code campaigns?

Veterinary practices can track and analyze the effectiveness of their QR code campaigns by using QR codes that integrate tracking capabilities. By attaching unique URLs to each QR code, practices can monitor how many times the codes are scanned, track what information is accessed, and determine the geographical location of the scans. This data can be analyzed to understand user engagement and interest levels. Practices can further refine their strategies by reviewing the conversion rates from QR scans to appointments or other desired actions, enabling targeted adjustments to their marketing efforts.

What are the best practices for designing and placing QR codes on printed marketing materials?

Best practices for designing and placing QR codes on printed marketing materials include ensuring the QR code is prominently displayed and easy to scan. The code should have sufficient white space around it, known as the "quiet zone," to increase scan accuracy. It's crucial to use a high-contrast color scheme, typically black on white, to enhance readability. The size of the QR code should be large enough so that it can be scanned from a reasonable distance, generally 1:10 ratio of scanning distance to code size. Additionally, include a clear call-to-action near the QR code to prompt users on what they will gain by scanning it.

What are the potential privacy and security concerns associated with using QR codes?

Potential privacy and security concerns associated with using QR codes include the risk of directing users to malicious websites or phishing scams if the code is tampered with or replaced. Additionally, QR codes can contain sensitive information that, if intercepted, could compromise user data. Users may also unknowingly grant permissions to apps or websites when scanning QR codes, raising concerns about data collection and tracking. To mitigate these risks, it's essential to ensure QR codes are generated from trusted sources, regularly monitor and update them, and educate users on safe scanning practices.

What are some innovative ways that veterinary practices can use QR codes beyond simple contact information?

Veterinary practices can utilize QR codes beyond contact information by incorporating them into various aspects of their marketing strategy. For instance, QR codes can link to educational resources like pet care guides, appointment scheduling platforms, or virtual tour videos of the clinic. They can also facilitate easy access to client reviews, loyalty programs, or exclusive discounts. Moreover, QR codes can be integrated into interactive experiences during events or seminars, providing instant access to presentations, surveys, or registration forms. By leveraging QR codes creatively, veterinary practices can enhance client engagement, streamline processes, and differentiate themselves in the market.

What are the costs associated with implementing and maintaining a QR code campaign for a veterinary practice?

The costs associated with implementing and maintaining a QR code campaign for a veterinary practice typically include initial setup fees for designing and generating QR codes, which can vary depending on the complexity and quantity needed. Additionally, ongoing costs may involve tracking and analyzing campaign effectiveness, updating QR code destinations as needed, and potentially investing in cybersecurity measures to address privacy and security concerns. However, for clients of DVMelite, this feature is offered as a complimentary service, reducing the financial burden associated with QR code implementation and maintenance.

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