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Want to Increase Pet Insurance Signups? Follow These 5 Tips

Updated: 1 day ago

Accepting pet insurance can be tremendously beneficial to a practice, as it tends to increase client compliance with elective procedures. That being said, many practices miss the opportunity to take full advantage of this revenue-driving option because they don’t take the time to inform and educate clients. Instead, they simply hand out brochures and leave clients to fend for themselves. If you want to see greater adoption of pet insurance, here are a few ways to help your clients understand the benefits and ultimately convince them to buy.

Start Early

The most effective time to have a conversation about pet insurance is at the first visit. This is especially the case for first-time pet owners, as they are often unaware that pet insurance exists or what it can do for them. Additionally, because many first-time visits involve younger pets, they are typically a better candidate for insurance, since they are usually healthy and have not been diagnosed with pre-existing conditions. As such, policies may be more affordable and therefore a more attractive option to the pet owner.

Put Things into Perspective

Most vets approach topics like heartworm or flea and tick prevention as part of a patient’s recommended, ongoing care. Yet, for some reason, they view pet insurance as some type of one-off service. To the contrary, investing in pet insurance is a valuable and effective way to support a pet’s lifelong health. Positioning it in the context of a pet’s anticipated lifetime healthcare costs can dramatically improve the likelihood of client buy-in. In other words, instead of mentioning insurance as an add-on, discuss in detail how it could potentially mitigate future expenses.

Keep It Simple

There are dozens of pet insurance companies out there, and while it’s certainly good to give clients options, offering too many could lead to analysis paralysis. This can leave clients feeling overwhelmed, confused and frustrated, thereby reducing the number of sign-ups. Do some research on behalf of your clients and then narrow down the options to just a few that you recommend. This will save them time, which they’ll appreciate. And a professional recommendation, based on your knowledge and expertise, will give them peace of mind that they’re making the right choice.

Lend a Hand

Signing up for pet insurance isn’t always as straightforward as you may think. The more challenging this process is for clients, the more likely they’ll be to abandon the application and ditch the idea of pet insurance altogether. Offering to guide clients through this process from start to finish will not only improve the odds of successful signup, but it will also demonstrate that you and your staff are willing to go the extra mile in terms of client experience. The best way to do this is to designate someone on your team to become a pet insurance expert.

Lead by Example

A whopping 71% of pet owners say they’d be more likely to purchase pet insurance if they knew their veterinary provider’s team also insured their own pets. Those are some pretty impressive odds if you ask us! If you and/or members of your staff do not currently invest in pet insurance, what kind of message are you sending to your clients? To the contrary, if you’re all onboard, you’ll show your clientele that you practice what you preach, which will help to generate stronger trust and greater compliance.

Whether your clients are unaware of pet insurance or know it exists but are simply confused or overwhelmed by the many policies and options, if you’re not taking the time to educate them, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to generate more revenue for your practice. The five tips listed above should help you drum up more interest and convince your clientele that investing in pet insurance is a must for their animal family member.

Our Advice on Want to Increase Pet Insurance Signups in 2024

When is the most effective time to have a conversation with clients about pet insurance?

The most effective time to discuss pet insurance with clients is during their first visit, especially for first-time pet owners. At this stage, they are often unaware of pet insurance and its benefits. Younger pets, typically seen during initial visits, are better candidates for insurance due to their health and lack of pre-existing conditions. Starting the conversation early establishes awareness and encourages clients to consider insurance as part of their pet's lifelong healthcare plan, increasing the likelihood of adoption and client buy-in.

Why should veterinarians narrow down and recommend only a few pet insurance options to clients?

Veterinarians should narrow down and recommend only a few pet insurance options to clients to prevent analysis paralysis. Presenting too many options can overwhelm and confuse clients, reducing the likelihood of sign-ups. By researching and selecting a handful of reputable insurance providers, veterinarians streamline the decision-making process for clients. This saves time, minimizes frustration, and enhances trust in the veterinarian's expertise. Recommending a select few options also ensures that clients receive quality coverage tailored to their pets' needs, fostering greater satisfaction and compliance with insurance enrollment.

How do you choose which insurance providers to recommend to clients?

To choose which insurance providers to recommend to clients, veterinarians should conduct thorough research. They should consider factors such as coverage options, reputation, customer service, and affordability. Look for insurance companies with comprehensive policies tailored to pets' needs, positive reviews, and responsive support teams. Additionally, consider partnering with reputable insurers that offer seamless claim processes and clear policy terms. By carefully evaluating these criteria, veterinarians can confidently recommend a select few insurance providers that align with their practice's standards and clients' needs, ensuring peace of mind and effective coverage for pet owners.

How do you track the effectiveness of your pet insurance promotion efforts?

Tracking the effectiveness of pet insurance promotion efforts involves monitoring several key metrics. Start by analyzing the number of pet insurance sign-ups before and after implementing promotional strategies. Additionally, track client inquiries about insurance, brochure uptake, and feedback. Utilize surveys or feedback forms to gather insights from clients regarding their awareness and understanding of pet insurance. Assess website traffic to pet insurance pages and engagement with related content. By systematically evaluating these metrics, veterinarians can gauge the success of their promotion efforts and make data-driven decisions to optimize future strategies.

Are there any legal or ethical considerations when promoting specific insurers?

When promoting specific insurers, veterinary practices must navigate legal and ethical considerations. Avoid endorsing insurers without thoroughly researching their policies, reputation, and financial stability. Disclose any financial relationships with insurers to maintain transparency and trust with clients. Ensure compliance with laws and regulations governing insurance advertising to prevent misleading claims or deceptive practices. Additionally, prioritize the best interests of clients and their pets by recommending insurers with comprehensive coverage and reputable customer service. By adhering to legal and ethical standards, veterinary practices can promote pet insurance responsibly while protecting their reputation and client relationships.

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