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Scribenote Partner Discount!

Scribenote is DVM Elite's Preferred Partner for:

AI-Powered Medical Records:

Try before you subscribe! Register to receive 50 Bonus Appointment
plus 50 More Free (100 total for DVM Elite members!)

free trial:

DVM Elite Members Save 15% on the Unlimted plan, an additional $300 annual savings!

Single license

unlimited plan!

Once Registered:

  1. After purchasing the license(s), each DVM should set up an account:

  2. To link the account(s) to the purchased license(s), contact
    Scribenote Support with a list of email addresses that were used to
    create Scribenote accounts.

  3. Ask your Practice Strategist to connect you to the DVM Elite
    Members elite-innovation Slack channel and join the conversation!

*Discount is subject to verification of current DVM Elite membership status. Practices with five (5) or more licenses may be eligible for a bulk discount. Contact Scribenote Support for assistance with the registration process.

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