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Truth or B.S.?
Is a Veterinary Recession Really Coming?

DVM Elite Cofounders, Dr. Michael Warren & Melani Seymour

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Is a RECESSION really going to happen?

Data & Anecdotes - what they’re really telling us about the economy & how we’ll be affected!

Dr. Michael Warren and Melani Seymour - co-founders of DVM Elite - have a very unique, no-nonsense view of what is really going on with the Veterinary industry and the economy and can provide as close to game-changing insights as one can get without a crystal ball!

You will learn:

  • What the DATA is telling us (e.g. Revenue changes YOY) about the current economy and consumer behavior as it pertains to the Veterinary Industry?

  • What is unique about practices who are really THRIVING right now (growing dramatically in terms of revenue, profit, value) compared to those who are flat or just keeping up with inflation?

  • Ideas to improve your - and your team's -  efficiency, productivity and profitability -  no matter the economic reality.

  • How will the economy affect hiring, production, and consumer sentiment?

  • What can you do now to get ahead of any financial downturn should it actually be in the cards?



What Practice Owners Are Saying

“Melani’s insights have literally been a complete game-changer for our practice!"

"Listening to Dr. Warren is like getting a bucket of water dumped over your head and a slap in the face."

"Counter-intuitive strategies backed by actual implementation across hundreds of practices - fantastic." 


Meet Your Host
Melani Seymour

Melani Seymour, Co-Founder of DVM Elite, has been coaching independent practice owners for years. Over the past decade, she has helped hundreds of clients create strategic plans to thrive alongside the larger, corporate practices in their local communities and ultimately plan for their futures.

Melani understands that the goal of every owner is to help as many patients as possible while simultaneously growing a profitable, well-run practice. Her passion lies in diagnosing opportunities and helping owners develop the best possible plan to achieve their personal and financial goals.


Special Guest
Dr. Michael Warren

Dr. Warren is known as one of the sharpest and most innovative minds in the health care industry. He has helped to create a practice growth model which has positively impacted the success of thousands of practices, many of which have been completely transformed. Having spoken on top stages such as TedX and the Academy,

Dr. Warren has acquired unique strategies that will likely completely change the way you view your practice. 
If you have a chance to see

Dr. Warren, be sure to take it, as it is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. 

Drivers of Growth | Visionary Partners | Masters of Strategy
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