Question & Answers: Veterinary Website Statistics

Updated: Dec 2


1. Bounce rate – I’m pretty sure a low bounce rate is the goal (ours is currently ~52% last check), but don’t completely understand how it works.

2. Our own IP addresses – instead of storing the handouts on our hard drive and taking up space, we simply go to the website and email or print them. However, this will be affecting our results since you have several hits of very short duration at multiple times during the day. How do we tell GA to ignore our IPs?

3. There is also a ton of info on Google Analytics. Besides the two things above, can you give me the top 3 things I should look at and correct/improve where needed? (Obviously I know you can’t see the data, but are there a few that tend to be the ones to watch?)”


1. Bounce rate refers to how many people come to your website and immediately leave. 52% is a good number and means most people who come to your website are looking for further information on your website. The next question is what is your traffic level?

2. Good question and this tutorial should show you how to do this

3. Top 4: Total Visitors Trend, Most Visited Pages, Referring Websites, Search Engine Terms