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Empowering Non-Profits

Updated: May 3

At DVMelite we are driven by varying passions, however at the heart of each is a commitment to social improvement.

Our overarching quest is to create cutting edge products and services for the veterinary industry, but we also lend these innovations to less privileged social development entities who we feel would benefit greatly from such technologies and advancements.

For example, supporting a charitable organization through building a Facebook page may be the vehicle they need to bridge the communication gap between themselves and their potential supports.

DVMelite is so devoted to supporting social development initiatives that our doing so is built directly into our operating plan.

We are pleased to say that every veterinary practice which becomes a client of ours, we will develop a custom social media page and consultation to a charitable organization of the practice’s choosing.

Amazon Cares

Amazon CARES seeks better health and living conditions for ALL living beings of the Peruvian Amazon region. This includes appropriate care, respect, and protection from cruelty and neglect.

The Client

Founded in 2004 out of a desire to address and bring attention to vital topics important to a healthy community environment in Peru’s remote Amazon region, Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety (CARES) is a nonprofit organization focused on the promotion of animal and public health. AmazonCares was established after concerned citizens recognized the dire need for domestic animal welfare in the Amazon rainforest region. Through the ongoing development and implementation of essential programs designed to help stray animals, such as adoption assistance, animal rescue and volunteer trips, AmazonCares strives to continue to make a difference in the lives of countless animals while also benefiting the community as a whole.

The Goal

To design a dynamic, interactive and engaging page which will effectively increase visitors who will not only view but also “like” the page, ultimately growing AmazonCares’ network of supporters at a faster rate. To increase awareness of the various programs being launched and run by AmazonCares among a growing community of supporters and followers and to encourage the sharing and passing on of content and information to others outside of the community.

The Plan

Develop a custom designed Facebook page that adequately represents AmazonCares, exhibits the proper brand image and delivers clear cut examples of the important and valuable work being done by the organization and its supporters. Add dynamic, interactive and compelling content (such as videos) that encourages supporters to share with their own networks, effectively executing mass viral marketing in a short period of time thereby increasing followership. Interact and engage with followers by asking questions, responding to inquiries and encouraging ongoing communication among the community of supporters.

The Execution

Starting with the elements that AmazonCares was already using on their existing Facebook page as well as their website, graphic designers created a unique design that both appealed to the viewer as well as further enhanced the brand. Our programmers then arranged it into a 2-step page which will be seen by both existing followers and visitors who are not currently fans. The purpose of this is to encourage more interested people to click on, view and “like” the page, further promoting AmazonCares’ projects and overall mission and continuing to raise public awareness through viral marketing.

JUMP! Foundation

The JUMP Foundation envisions a world where young people fulfill their true potential as individuals, community leaders, and global citizens.

The Client

Since 2006, the JUMP! Foundation has worked tirelessly toward a shared goal of inspiring, empowering and engaging youth around the world. It is a nonprofit organization that focuses on student leadership, training, experiential education and global development. The JUMP! Foundation provides a variety of dynamic workshops, training programs, internships and fellowships, and other community outreach programs as well as support and resources designed to better the lives and futures of the youth of today. Its ultimate mission is to help young people fulfill their true potential as individuals, community leaders and global citizens.

The Goal

To design an engaging, interactive page which will increase visitors and encourage them to not only view but also “like” the page, effectively furthering the growth of The JUMP! Foundation’s network of supporters and followers at a more substantial rate. To raise public awareness and extend availability of the various community programs provided by The JUMP! Foundation and expand the global reach of its resources. To consistently engage and further develop a community of supporters and followers and to inspire them to share content and information with others.

The Plan

Develop a personalized Facebook page that effectively portrays the mission of The JUMP! Foundation, adequately depicts the organization’s brand image and provides an accurate representation of the meaningful work being performed by both the foundation and its supporters. Create an appealing and inviting initial experience that urges visitors to click to “reveal” the page. Consistently add content that is dynamic and captivating and will effectively encourage followers to share it with their own networks, producing mass viral marketing results in a short period of time and steadily increasing number of followers. Regularly interact with and engage followers by posing thought-provoking questions and comments and participating in ongoing two-way communication with the Facebook community.

The Execution

Starting with the existing components that The JUMP! Foundation was already using on their Facebook page as well as their website, graphic designers created a custom design that captivated visitors as well as further enhanced the brand and promoted the mission of the organization. Our programmers then organized it into a 2-step page which can be viewed by both existing followers and visitors who are not currently fans. The purpose of this is to entice interest and encourage more people to “like” the page, further promoting The JUMP! Foundation’s initiatives and continuing to raise public awareness of the foundation through effective social media marketing.

Our Advice on Empowering Non-Profits in 2024

What is the overarching quest of DVMelite in the veterinary industry?

DVMelite's overarching quest in the veterinary industry is to create cutting-edge products and services that enhance operational efficiency and patient care for veterinary practices. Additionally, the organization is committed to social improvement by extending these technological innovations to underprivileged social development entities. This dual focus not only drives advancements in veterinary care but also supports broader community and social development initiatives, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to leveraging technology for the betterment of society and the veterinary profession.

How does DVMelite support social development entities in the vet industry?

DVMelite supports social development entities in the veterinary industry by providing them with access to innovative technologies and advancements originally designed for veterinary practices. This support includes creating and enhancing digital platforms, such as custom social media pages, to improve their communication and outreach capabilities. By integrating these technological solutions into their operations, these entities can better engage with their communities and supporters, thereby enhancing their overall impact and effectiveness in promoting animal welfare and community health. This approach effectively bridges technology and social advocacy within the veterinary field.

What does DVMelite offer to veterinary practices that become its clients?

DVMelite offers veterinary practices a comprehensive suite of innovative technological solutions aimed at enhancing operational efficiencies and client engagement. Each practice that becomes a client receives custom social media page creation and consultation services. This tailored approach helps veterinary practices optimize their online presence, improve communication with clients, and increase their overall digital marketing effectiveness. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert consultancy, DVMelite ensures that its clients in the veterinary sector can effectively reach and serve their communities while fostering growth and sustainability.

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