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Motivate Clients to Contribute To Your Veterinary Practice Blog

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

In this article, I will share a very intriguing strategy that was introduced by one of our members in a recent workshop, and which addresses a constant struggle veterinary practices face: developing content. As we all know, having fresh and high quality content on our websites is a must if we want them to rank highly in the search engine results and boost our online visibility / new client acquisition, and while discussing the challenges of generating this content one of the attendees suggested asking our clients for content. This is a great idea.

How to Get Client Generated Content For Your Veterinary Website

I’ve actually used a strategy similar to this in the past by holding a writing contest. For example, it could be a cash contest or some sort of value-added contest. People submit their most compelling / funniest / silliest pet stories, or a memorable experience at the veterinarian’s, etc., and you then post them online. Everybody in the clinic or outside the clinic can then vote on those articles. If you get 20-30 articles, you can schedule them into your veterinary website so they are automatically posted every other week. That’s an entire year’s worth of content. All you have to do is add the special keywords or keyword structure that we go over in the Practice Growth Academy, and that content will be instantly found by your local market.

Veterinary Practice Implementation Strategy

To implement this creative strategy, simply launch a publisher’s call or a contest with your current client base. You can do this with an email – or a sign within the clinic – to really encourage everybody to submit their stories. Once you get the stories, just read through them, edit them accordingly, add the keyword structure, and then schedule them into your veterinary website to be published over time.

Our Advice on How to Motivate Clients to Contribute to Your Blog

How can you obtain client-generated content for your veterinary website?

By holding a writing contest or encouraging clients to submit their stories and experiences, you can obtain client-generated content for your veterinary website.

What strategy can you use to encourage clients to contribute content?

You can use a writing contest or a call for submissions to encourage clients to contribute content to your veterinary website.

How to use a writing contest to gather client stories and experiences?

Launch a writing contest where clients can submit their pet stories or experiences. Review and select the best entries, then publish them on your website to engage and inspire your audience.

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