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Mobile Vet Case Study

achieved long-term goal in year 1!

In just one year of the DVM Elite program,
Dr. Carol is already able to make time for speaking engagements, one of her Mt. Everest goals!

New Clients


Annual Revenue


Total Visits



Dr. Carol joined DVM Elite in the summer of 2021 with the ultimate goal of setting herself up for the best retirement possible. She assumed she would need to wait to retire to have the time for speaking engagements, writing, and educational contributions.

Dr. Carol also had the goal to focus more on acupuncture and other services - outside of euthanasia - that could be utilized in a home environment.


With mobile vets, it's all about content creation, SEO, and greater visibility. The team at DVM Elite developed a content strategy that boosted word of mouth and improved community awareness.  A website is great - but you have to build a solid brand image to really develop that bond with clients.

The approach is different for mobile vets! A mobile vet is a stranger entering a home, so our task was to market Dr. Carol's amazing skills and expertise to ease any potential clients' concerns. It's crucial to build trust and show the value of keeping a pet comfortable, which happens at home!



Dr. Carol now offers ozone therapy, digital imaging, acupuncture, telemedicine, and recently created a Pebble for Pets - Pet Loss Ceremony working closely with UGA (University of Georgia) and sponsors.

In just one year, she's seen her new client numbers double with total visits up 54% in 2022 over 2021! She's also on track to hit her 20% annual revenue growth goal!

And that's not all!

Over the past few months, Dr. Carol has been very busy with speaking engagements, conferences, and she recently hosted an educational webinar based out of Australia. 

It's been amazing to watch her grow both personally and professionally!

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Meet Melani


Melani Seymour

Melani Seymour, Co-Founder of DVM Elite, has been coaching independent practice owners for years.  Melani understands that the goal of every owner is to help as many patients as possible while simultaneously growing a profitable, well-run practice.


Her passion lies in diagnosing opportunities and helping owners develop the best possible plan to achieve their personal and financial goals.

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