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IDEXX NEO Is Revolutionizing the Veterinary Industry

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

As busy veterinary professionals, we are always looking for ways to save and optimize our time. One company that is helping those in the industry to achieve that goal is IDEXX. From the IDEXX Learning Center to IDEXX NEO software to IDEXX online ordering, the brand is single-handedly changing and improving the way practices operate. If you’re not yet familiar, here’s a rundown of each of these three solutions to keep in mind.


IDEXX Learning Center

One of the biggest tasks veterinary professionals face is the requirement of continuing education. While CE credits are necessary to keep us abreast of changes and improvements in the industry, finding the time to squeeze them in can be especially challenging.

The IDEXX Learning Center has been designed by leading veterinary professionals in compliance with state-mandated CE requirements. The online learning portal offers a variety of different educational resources, including webinars, in-person events, tutorials, and online courses. CE courses cover a wide range of important topics, including how to talk to clients and financial management, as well as a variety of medical-related topics. Best of all, these resources are available free of charge.

IDEXX Laboratories CEO Jonathan W. Ayers said in a recent press release: “Medical and practice technology is constantly evolving, changing, and improving in veterinary medicine.

The IDEXX Learning Center helps support the profession by providing veterinary staff the ongoing education required to keep pace and provide an extraordinary level of care to their patients and clients. By providing these educational resources, we help to strengthen the bonds that lead to healthy pets and practices, in a way that also advances the veterinary profession.”


IDEXX NEO is being billed as the “next generation of practice management software,” and for good reason. The cloud-based software product was developed by a veterinarian, which means it’s designed to specifically address the unique needs of those in the veterinary profession. One of the product’s biggest advantages is its intuitiveness. In fact, many of its features can be used with just one click, which is especially important for busy professionals who are trying to optimize their time.

Some of the more noteworthy features of IDEXX NEO include one-click patient consult creation and management, online payment acceptance, two-way diagnostic integration, automated reminders and referral tracking, client communications, and much more. There’s even an interactive Pet Owner Hub where clients can keep track of their pets’ medical history, complete real-time appointment scheduling, view reminders, and more.

Investing in IDEXX NEO is also pretty straightforward, with monthly subscription options and various pricing models from which to choose. Online reviews of the IDEXX NEO software are promising as well, and since they offer a free trial to start, there’s really nothing to lose.

IDEXX Online Ordering

IDEXX offers a broad spectrum of small animal health care products and services to support those in the veterinary industry. Now, vet clinics can save time, money, and aggravation by taking advantage of the IDEXX online ordering option. The user-friendly web portal provides everything necessary for easy, direct ordering of things like SNAP tests, instrument slides, tubes, and other consumables.

IDEXX online ordering also comes with fast, free shipping on all IDEXX companion animal products. In many cases, delivery of in-house laboratory supplies can be processed the next day. The IDEXX online ordering platform also features the ability to reorder frequently purchased products as well as automatic ordering and delivery scheduling. Users can save their favorite products for repeat purchases, view their order history, and more, all in one intuitive online dashboard.

When it comes to running a profitable, successful veterinary practice, finding ways to save and optimize time is essential. IDEXX is making it much easier to accomplish this by providing veterinary professionals with a variety of time-saving options, including the IDEXX Learning Center, IDEXX NEO practice management software, and the ability to order products through IDEXX online ordering. Overall, it’s a step in the right direction.

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