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  • Jill Rodriguez

How to Add Value to Your Veterinarian Website Content

Updated: Mar 2

Add Value to Your Veterinarian Website Content

Make it Interactive – As a successful veterinary professional, surely you know your stuff. Therefore it’s easy to write articles that are educational and informational. To be truly valuable, however, you have to also include ways to get your audience to participate. As you’re writing, try to add activities or “homework” for your readers to try on their own (i.e. use terms like “Your turn…”, or “Try this…”, etc.). Not only does this drive the point of your article home, but it also draws your audience in and makes them a part of it. The results are much more powerful.

Link to Other Resources – Whenever possible, include links throughout your content to other helpful resources that you feel will further bolster your point or help your readers in some way. These links may be to other content on your veterinarian website or to content on an external site. Your readers will appreciate the extra effort you’ve put in to help them, and as an added bonus, your content will do better in the search engines since Google adds authority to content that includes links. It’s a win-win!

Make it Easy to Read – The beauty of blogs is that they offer snippets of helpful information in a much more readable format than other types of publications. Capitalize on this by formatting the content throughout your veterinarian website so that it is easily scannable and simple for your readers to comprehend and digest quickly. Use things like sub-headings, bullet points and numbered lists, and feel free to bold areas of your content that are of particular importance.

Offer Examples – Sometimes when we’re writing content it can be challenging to relay the information we’re trying to communicate accurately. What makes complete sense to you when you’re writing it may not translate as clearly to your reader. Whenever possible, offer examples to help clearly explain and drive home your points. Not only will this help your audience to better understand what you’re trying to tell them, but it will help them apply these concepts more accurately in their own lives, which brings us full circle back to the first tip of making your content more interactive.

Prompt Your Readers Toward the Next Step – We’ve talked about it over and over, but the fact remains that people naturally do what they are told. That’s why using clear and compelling calls to action throughout your veterinarian website content is so important. Remember to apply this concept to your blog posts as well by prompting readers to take that next step, whatever it may be, at the end of your articles. If your goal is to get readers to comment, invite them to share their opinions. If it’s to get them to visit your veterinarian website, tell them to and provide them a link. If it’s to get them to share your content with others, ask them to and make it easy by including “like” and “tweet” widgets.

Whether we like it or not, we live in a society where people are of the “what’s in it for me” mentality. You can capitalize on this by providing your audience with content that they find helpful and valuable. Not only does this endear them to you, but it’s also what will get your practice more visibility because valuable content is much more likely to be shared. Apply these five simple concepts next time you’re drafting up content and you’ll begin to see an improvement in how your veterinarian website performs overall.

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