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Everything You Need to Know About Online Reviews (and Why it Matters to Your Practice)

Updated: Apr 12

If you think online reviews about veterinary practices aren’t something to be concerned about, you may want to reconsider. In fact, not only do 92% of today’s consumers read online reviews, but 84% say they trust the reviews left by others online as much as they do personal recommendations from friends or family. Like it or not, your prospects are checking to see what others are saying about you online and what they find could very well determine whether or not they pick up the phone and schedule that appointment. Simply put, more good reviews means more paying clients which means greater profit and growth for your practice. For a deeper understanding of the impact of online reviews and how they can foster trust and credibility, consider exploring our testimonials page "DVM Elite Reviews". It provides comprehensive insights and strategies on leveraging reviews for your practice’s advantage.

Not sure where or how to begin with online reviews? Here’s a quick overview to get you pointed in the right direction.

First, give your clients good reason to leave you great reviews. Don’t expect people to take time out of their busy schedule to write a glowing review about your veterinary practice, particularly if they haven’t received exceptional service. The first step in gaining traction in the online review front is to make wowing your clients at every turn a top priority. The more satisfied they are, the more they’ll want to share their positive experience with others.

Next, make it super easy for them to do so. Ultimately, when a happy client goes online to write a review about your practice, they’re doing you a favor, so keep this in mind. Make leaving positive comments as easy as possible by including links or icons to third party review sites – like Yelp, Google Business Reviews and Facebook – right on your website, in your email communications and anywhere else you interact with your clients.

Don’t be afraid to ask and even remind them. Sometimes something as simple as posting a “Please Review Us” sign on your front desk can be enough to encourage your happy clients to take that next step and share their good experience. (Just remember not to be pushy about it and never offer anything in exchange for a review, as these questionable practices can and probably will come back to haunt you.)

Finally, whenever a review is posted – regardless of whether it’s positive or negative – you should respond swiftly and professionally. A personal ‘Thank You’ for kind comments can go a long way toward further solidifying your relationships with existing clients. Meanwhile, apologizing, taking ownership and offering a solution for negative comments can help mend fences. It will also demonstrate that you’re listening and that you care about the experience people have when they visit your clinic.

Given the fact that 74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more and that these online comments are often the first impression many prospects will have of your veterinary practice, the message is clear. Are you doing enough to get more online reviews for your practice? If not, the time to start turning things around is now. The above tips should provide a solid foundation on which to get started.

Our Advice on Everything You Need to Know About Online Reviews in 2024

Why do online reviews matter for your veterinary practice?

Online reviews are crucial for your veterinary practice because they significantly influence potential clients' decisions. With 92% of consumers reading online reviews and 84% trusting these as much as personal recommendations, the presence and quality of these reviews can determine whether prospects choose to schedule an appointment with your practice. Positive reviews not only enhance your credibility and trustworthiness but also contribute to attracting more clients, leading to increased profits and growth. Given that positive feedback can boost consumer trust in a local business, actively managing and encouraging online reviews is essential for maintaining a competitive edge and fostering a positive public perception of your practice.

How do online reviews impact your potential clients?

Online reviews profoundly impact potential clients by shaping their first impression of your veterinary practice and influencing their decision to seek your services. Since 92% of consumers read reviews and 84% trust them as much as personal recommendations, positive online feedback can significantly increase trust and credibility among prospects. This makes reviews a powerful tool for attracting new clients. Negative comments, if not addressed properly, can deter potential clients. Therefore, actively managing your online reputation through reviews is a critical strategy for growth, as it directly affects how potential clients perceive the quality and reliability of your practice.

Which review platforms matter most for veterinary practices?

For veterinary practices, the most impactful review platforms include Yelp, Google Business Reviews, and Facebook. These platforms are widely used by consumers to seek recommendations and share experiences, making them crucial for establishing your practice's online presence and reputation. Yelp is known for its trusted reviews on local businesses, Google Business Reviews reviews enhance your visibility in search results, and Facebook's vast user base and social sharing capabilities offer broad exposure. Prioritizing these platforms can help maximize your practice's visibility, attract potential clients, and build trust within the community.

How do you address fake or malicious reviews?

Addressing fake or malicious reviews involves a professional and calm approach. Firstly, if the platform allows, report the review to the site administrator as fake or against the site's guidelines for a potential take-down. When responding publicly, maintain professionalism by acknowledging the review and offering to discuss the matter offline, which demonstrates to other potential clients your commitment to resolving issues. Avoid engaging in disputes online. If the review is clearly false, a concise explanation or correction might be appropriate, always keeping the tone respectful and factual to uphold your practice's integrity.

Should you offer incentives for leaving reviews?

Offering incentives for reviews is not recommended for veterinary practices. While it might increase the quantity of reviews, it can compromise their authenticity and potentially violate guidelines on many review platforms. Consumers and platforms value genuine, unbiased feedback, and incentivizing reviews can lead to a perception of manipulation, undermining trust in your practice. Instead, focus on providing exceptional service and gently encourage satisfied clients to share their experiences online. This approach ensures reviews reflect the true client experience, maintaining the credibility and integrity of your practice's online reputation.

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