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Discover the Priorities in your Veterinary Practice

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Veterinary Practice Priority

Let’s imagine for a moment that you’ve suffered a significant personal setback, for example a health related issue. As a result, your doctor has advised you to slow down, insisting that you’ll no longer be able to work in your practice like you used to; from now on you’ll have to limit yourself to working only 2 hours each day. The question now becomes: How do you re-examine your work life and properly prioritize what needs to happen to still build your practice and prosper? What are you going to devote these 2 hours a day to? Think about that for a moment (really, try to stop reading and write down what you would work on if you only had 2 hours a day to put towards running your practice).

Now that you have an idea of what your tasks would be in your truncated day, let’s now imagine that you’ve had a second setback. As a result of this, you can now only work in your practice 2 hours each week. What would your tasks now be for those few critical hours each week?

Give it some thought and jot it down on your list.

Discover the Priorities

The points that you’ve placed on your list should be what produce the greatest results from your time spent – essentially the priorities of your practice. So, when you’re trying to come up with a plan that will put your practice on the path to growth, focus on those tasks that you’ve just identified. By doing this, you will be able to maximize your time and productivity and focus on the continued growth and success of your practice.

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