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Updated: Apr 17

Veterinarian Logo

Veterinarian Logo

When asked recently to name the most vital element in the marketing of a veterinarian practice, my mind raced through a litany of things that are essential to any strategy – veterinary branding, veterinary websites, veterinary social media, and veterinary client communications. But when pressed for the one element that stands at the top of the list, it could only be one thing: your veterinary logo.

A veterinarian logo can say more about the credibility, professionalism, and stature of your animal hospital than any other component of your veterinary marketing strategy, which is why its design is so very critical.

Put another way, a vet logo is one aspect of your marketing that shouldn’t be short changed in terms of time, effort and money invested in its development.  It’s working for you around the clock to brand your veterinary practice and reinforce the qualities that you want to communicate to your market. And, unlike other marketing components which can be changed and updated regularly, it is important to get your veterinary logo right the first time. It gets fairly expensive to replace forms, brochures, business cards, stationery and signage, not  to mention that it can detract from your professionalism.

Veterinarians need to a strike delicate balance in the design of their veterinary logo. An animal hospital logo needs to be “inconspicuously memorable” meaning, it should shy away from blatant commercialism, but, when it does appear, it leaves an indelible impression.  While simple is better for vet logos, careful detail should be applied in the selection of images, color, font, and the way the name of your veterinary clinic reads.

Animal images are, of course, a differentiating element, and when combined with other symbolism, such as a heart, they can clearly communicate the human-animal bond that is important to animal owners. Whether you choose to use a colorful, animated image versus a more subtle silhouette is going to depend on your target market and how you want to be perceived.

Aside from the configuration of your veterinary logo, color and font styles are the most critical elements. Most people have a certain expectation when looking for a veterinarian. They want high quality, professionalism, and reliability which are best exemplified by conservative colors. The font style should be clear and readable against any type and size of medium.  The font type should not detract from the overall design of the veterinary logo.

These four key elements– simple design, images, color and font – are all that you need to consider as you begin to visualize your vet logo. Your biggest consideration should be in selecting the right design firm. It’s important to choose one that is familiar with your industry and that is equipped to work with you collaboratively to create a custom-designed logo based on your vision.

Written by: DVMelite Web Development


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