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7 Tips for Helping Your Clients Adapt to New Veterinary Technology

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

These days, it’s nearly impossible to run a business without the use of technology, and the animal healthcare industry is no exception. The modern veterinary clinic must rely on tools, like computers and software, to manage everything from scheduling clients to keeping staff on track. Likewise, most clients today prefer vet practices that offer high-tech options, like online appointment scheduling and prescription refills.

But what happens when you have those clients who struggle with technology for whatever reason? Here are a few pointers that will help get more people on board with your practice management system.

Raise Awareness

The way you communicate information about the technology you use in your veterinary practice can influence the response you get from your clientele. Utilize all the various channels that are available to you, such as social media, email, your website, and in-clinic signage. Be positive and excited in your communications.

Present Solutions

If you want your clients to be excited about a new technology you’re using, you need to demonstrate to them how it solves their problems. It’s more about what’s in it for them than it is about you. As such, present your tech options as a tool to make their lives easier and show them how.

Make it Personal

Touting the overall benefits of your new system is one thing. Personalizing those benefits to each client and patient is another. For instance, saying: “Mary, the online portal will help us keep track of Buster’s medications and save you a lot of time,” is much more powerful and impactful than simply handing her a flyer with a generic bullet-pointed list.

Educate Them

Don’t just assume your clients are all comfortable with technology. Some may need a little assistance along the way. Figure out the best way to educate your clients, whether it’s a video tutorial that you share, an instructional flyer or having a staff member walk them through it in person.

Integrate and Talk About It

The technologies you use to better serve your clients and patients should be a part of everyday conversations you’re having within the practice, particularly when it comes to interactions with your clientele. For instance, if you have to order diagnostic tests, let the client know the results will be available in the online portal. Remind clients that appointments can be scheduled and prescriptions refilled conveniently online. Train staff to suggest and encourage the use of technology.

Be Responsive

Understand that a portion of your clients may have questions or concerns about the tech you’re using in-practice. Meet those issues head-on by keeping the lines of communication open and encouraging feedback. If there are a number of similar questions being asked, compiling a list of FAQs might make things easier for everyone. Acknowledging and addressing fear is the only way to overcome it.

Be Patient and Persistent

Just like any type of marketing, it can take multiple “touches” to get a person on board with a new technology. Sending out one email blast when you first roll out your new system probably won’t get you the results you’re after. Keep talking about it, sharing it, promoting it and encouraging it. Over time, you’ll notice some of those who may have been on the fence beginning to warm to the idea. Above all, be patient and understanding. Your consistency will eventually pay off.

If you struggle to help your clients adapt to new technology, remember that veterinary medicine isn’t one-size-fits-all. Some clients may simply choose not to engage with the solutions you offer, and that’s okay. But with the tips listed above and a little bit of patience, you should be able to change the minds of many successfully.

Our Tips, Tricks, and Expert Advice

What's the importance of demonstrating how new technology in a veterinary practice solves clients' problems?

Demonstrating how new technology solves clients' problems highlights the practical benefits, fostering excitement and increasing client engagement with veterinary services.

How can veterinarians personalize the benefits of technology for individual clients and patients?

Personalizing benefits involves connecting technology advantages to each client's needs, such as explaining how online portals save time managing their pet's medications or healthcare.

What methods can be employed to educate clients needing to be more comfortable with technology?

Employ various educational methods, like video tutorials, instructional flyers, or in-person assistance from staff, to help clients who may need to be more comfortable with technology.

Why is being responsive to clients' questions about technology crucial for successful implementation?

Being responsive to clients' questions about technology is crucial for successful implementation as it builds trust, addresses concerns, and ensures a positive experience, encouraging widespread acceptance.

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