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5 Ways to Make Your Practice More Efficient and Profitable

Updated: May 31

Whether you’re new to the veterinary industry or have been in the trenches for decades, one thing you learn almost immediately is that practices don’t run on your passion for animals. Despite big dreams, lofty goals and a deep-seeded desire to be successful, many practice owners learn the hard way that profitability doesn’t come easily. If you are struggling in this area, here are five proven strategies that can help improve your efficiency, boost your cost-effectiveness and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Go Paperless – How much time does your staff waste on a daily, weekly or monthly basis sifting through paperwork and digging through files trying to locate the information they need? Switching to a paperless office will save tremendous man hours and also improve both staff and client satisfaction levels at the same time. In other words, everybody wins!

Set and Stick with Schedules – It may seem pretty basic, but if you’re not one who naturally thrives on organization and order, then living by a relatively strict schedule can be a challenge. Yet, without such a setup, it’s easy to let time slip away and as a result, lose track of important tasks, cause delays for others on your team and ultimately risk upsetting clients in the process. Setting a daily schedule – even if there’s some flexibility built in – will help keep everyone on track, productive and efficient.

Embrace Technology – If you aren’t currently taking advantage of the many benefits technology has to offer the modern veterinary clinic, you are missing out (and your competitors may be picking up your slack in the meantime). Having up-to-date computers and providing clients with the ability to do everything from paying by credit card for your services to requesting prescription refills via your website will help streamline much of the day-to-day back and forth and make everyone’s life easier.

Write it Down – Do your team members find that they’re regularly fielding many of the same client questions over the phone? Are the vets in the clinic being interrupted on a regular basis to answer inquiries or verify information? Developing well-written scripts can help phone attendants quickly answer incoming questions without wasting valuable time. Likewise, having documented policies and FAQs with as much detail as possible can help staff help themselves, saving time and reducing frustration.

Delegate – One area where many practice owners or lead veterinarians struggle is in letting go of certain tasks on their to-do list. You may truly believe deep down that nobody can do it as well as you, but in reality, if you hold on to everything, you’re bound to let something fall through the cracks at some point. That is, if you don’t get burnt out in the meantime. Delegation to trusted team members is essential to ensuring that your practice and everyone in it operates at optimum performance.

Often times it’s the little things that can make a huge impact on your business. By implementing even just one or two of the above strategies, you’ll begin moving your practice in the right direction toward improved efficiency and greater profitability in no time.

Our Advice on Ways to Make Your Practice More Efficient and Profitable in 2024

What specific metrics should veterinary practices use to measure efficiency and profitability, and how can they establish benchmarks and targets for improvement?

Veterinary practices should measure efficiency and profitability using specific metrics such as average appointment duration, client wait times, revenue per appointment, and staff productivity rates. Financial indicators like net profit margin, cost of goods sold (COGS), and operating expenses should also be tracked. Establishing benchmarks involves analyzing historical data and industry standards to set realistic targets. Practices can use tools like practice management software to gather data and generate reports. Regularly reviewing these metrics allows for ongoing adjustments and helps identify areas for improvement, ensuring continuous progress toward enhanced efficiency and profitability.

How can practices quantify the costs and benefits of going paperless, and what steps should be taken to ensure a smooth transition and minimize disruption to staff and clients?

To quantify the costs and benefits of going paperless, practices should calculate the savings on paper, printing, and storage against the initial investment in digital systems and training. Benefits include increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved client satisfaction. To ensure a smooth transition, practices should implement the change in phases, starting with less critical documents. Provide comprehensive training for staff, ensuring they are comfortable with the new systems. Communicate clearly with clients about the benefits and any temporary adjustments. Regularly review progress and address any issues promptly to minimize disruption.

What strategies can be employed to ensure that standardization and documentation efforts do not stifle creativity?

To ensure that standardization and documentation efforts do not stifle creativity, practices should strike a balance by creating flexible guidelines that allow for individual input. Encourage staff to suggest improvements to existing protocols and involve them in the documentation process, fostering a sense of ownership. Regularly review and update procedures to incorporate innovative ideas. Additionally, create designated times or workshops focused on brainstorming and creative problem-solving. This approach maintains necessary standards while promoting an environment where creativity and continuous improvement are valued and integrated into daily operations.

How can practices effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities while maintaining accountability and ensuring that quality and safety standards are met?

Effective delegation in veterinary practices involves clearly defining roles and responsibilities, ensuring that each team member understands their tasks and the associated quality and safety standards. Implement regular check-ins and performance reviews to monitor progress and provide feedback. Utilize task management software to track assignments and deadlines, promoting transparency and accountability. Additionally, provide adequate training and resources to empower staff to perform their duties competently. Encourage open communication, allowing team members to voice concerns or seek guidance, ensuring that high standards are consistently met without compromising quality or safety.

How can practices balance the need for efficiency and cost-effectiveness with the importance of providing high-quality care to patients?

Balancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness with high-quality patient care requires strategic planning and resource management. Implementing technology, such as electronic health records and scheduling software, can streamline operations and reduce costs without compromising care quality. Standardize procedures to ensure consistency and efficiency while allowing flexibility for personalized care. Regular training and development programs for staff ensure they remain skilled and motivated. Additionally, continuously gather and analyze data on operational metrics and patient outcomes to identify areas for improvement, ensuring that cost-saving measures do not adversely affect the quality of care provided.

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