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5 Ways to Leverage Smart Devices for Practice Success

Updated: Jun 5

According to Pew Research, an incredible 81% of Americans now own some type of smart device. This number is up from just 35% in 2011, and with rapid advancements in mobile technology, is expected to continue to rise at a steep rate.

What does this mean for veterinary clinics? A lot, actually. In fact, the digital age has fundamentally changed how practices are run, and only those willing to embrace these newer technologies will remain competitive over the long haul.

If you aren’t doing so already, here are a few ways you can start harnessing the power of smart devices to improve client service and boost your clinic’s success.

Send Appointment Reminders

One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your booking calendar full is to remind clients about upcoming appointments. With smartphones, you can make this process even more seamless and efficient by sending appointment reminders via text message. Your clients will appreciate the convenience, you’ll reduce the risk of no-shows, and your front desk agents will be freed up to focus their skills on other important duties. In other words, everybody wins!

Monitor Patient Health

Some symptoms can be difficult to describe accurately over the phone. The beauty of a smart device is that your clients can easily snap a photo or take a quick video recording and send it over prior to booking an appointment. This can help you better prepare for a patient’s arrival and prevent unnecessary visits that could otherwise be taken care of at home. Likewise, smartphones are great tools for following up with a patient after a procedure and/or to monitor ongoing treatment of illness.

Refill Prescriptions

Another great way to use smart devices in your veterinary practice is to enable your clients to refill their pets’ prescription medicine via text, app or your mobile website. Studies have shown that the easier it is for people to stay on top of their pets’ medical needs, the more likely they’ll be to remain compliant. By implementing the ability to quickly and easily refill prescriptions at their fingertips, you’ll pave the way for much healthier patients overall.

Disseminate News & Announcements

Pet food recall? Exciting news at your practice? Upcoming event you’d like to promote? Letting your clients opt-in to text notifications is a powerful way to disseminate a lot of information to the masses without having to do too much legwork. In fact, you can simply prepare one blanket message that can be sent out to your entire subscribed client-base with a few clicks of a button. That way your team will save time while also keeping your clients engaged and informed. Win-win!

Offer Telemedicine

Imagine being able to provide care to your patients without them even stepping foot into your clinic? Telemedicine is something many practices have begun leveraging, particularly due to the recent pandemic and all the new regulations that are currently in place. Whether you can offer this service will ultimately depend on the rules in your area, but if it’s something that’s available to you, it’s well worth exploring. Not only does it keep your current clientele happy, but it provides an excellent opportunity to increase your daily bookings, as these appointments tend to be much more succinct and efficient.

Like it or not, the mass adoption of smartphones and other mobile devices is fundamentally changing the way veterinary providers communicate with and serve their clients. By embracing this technology, you can position your practice as a front-runner and gain the competitive advantage it takes to remain successful, regardless of external circumstances. 

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Our Advice on Ways to Leverage Smart Devices for Practice Success in 2024

What are the potential drawbacks or challenges of using smart devices in veterinary practices?

While smart devices can enhance veterinary practice management, several challenges may arise. Firstly, reliance on technology could lead to reduced personal interaction, which is crucial for building client trust and understanding pet needs. Additionally, there's the issue of data security; storing sensitive information on devices poses risks of breaches. Implementing these technologies also requires significant upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs. Furthermore, not all clients may be tech-savvy, potentially hindering the effectiveness of digital communication methods like appointment reminders and telemedicine consultations.

How can veterinary practices encourage their clients to adopt the use of smart devices?

Veterinary practices can encourage clients to use smart devices by highlighting the convenience and enhanced care these tools offer. Demonstrating how smartphones streamline appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and immediate communication can motivate usage. Practices might also offer tutorials or resources that help clients comfortably navigate apps and websites. Additionally, incorporating incentives, such as discounts for bookings or orders made through smart devices, can further promote their adoption. By actively showing the tangible benefits, such as time savings and improved pet care, practices can foster greater acceptance and use of these technologies.

How can veterinary practices use data collected from smart devices to improve their services?

Veterinary practices can leverage data from smart devices to enhance service by analyzing patterns in appointment bookings and prescription refills to optimize scheduling and inventory management. Tracking health monitoring data submitted by clients can lead to proactive medical advice and tailored treatment plans. Furthermore, feedback collected via these devices can be used to refine client communication and improve overall customer satisfaction. By employing data analytics, practices can predict trends, prepare for future demands, and personalize their services to meet the specific needs of their clientele.

How might the use of smart devices in veterinary practices evolve in the future?

The use of smart devices in veterinary practices is likely to evolve significantly, integrating more advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance diagnostic accuracy and treatment effectiveness. We may see broader adoption of wearable health monitors for pets that provide real-time data to veterinarians for continuous health assessment. Additionally, the integration of virtual reality could offer innovative training tools for staff and immersive telemedicine experiences for clients. As connectivity improves, these technologies will enable more efficient, personalized care and operational management in veterinary practices.

Are there any studies or research that have specifically examined the impact of smart device use on veterinary practice success, client satisfaction, or patient outcomes?

Currently, specific studies directly linking smart device use to veterinary practice success, client satisfaction, or patient outcomes are limited. However, research in related fields suggests that technology integration can enhance client communication and operational efficiency, which are critical components of practice success. For instance, studies in human healthcare indicate that mobile health technologies improve patient engagement and compliance, which could be analogous in veterinary settings. Further research is needed to empirically establish these connections within veterinary medicine, focusing on the unique aspects of veterinary practice and client-pet interactions.

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