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5 Ways to Increase Wellness Plan Enrollment

Updated: Jun 13

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been sharing a number of articles geared around wellness plans, including some of the many benefits, tips for success and even a list of what not to do. But what happens when you’ve developed and implemented wellness plans and nobody is signing up? Should you abandon ship or stay the course?

The truth is, like most business initiatives, wellness plans aren’t something you can simply set and forget. You have to take certain proactive measures in order to realize steady results and a decent return on your investment. To round out our blog post series, let’s take a look at a few strategies for increasing wellness plan enrollment.

Make sure it’s worth their while

As mentioned in several of our previous posts, wellness plans will only be successful if they are worth your clients’ while. Otherwise, what’s the point? The first key to getting more signups is making sure that the program you are offering is attractive. Are you bundling the right services? Is the price point valuable enough to entice new signups? If these things are off target, you’re not going to get many bites. If you’re not sure where you stand, poll your clients or check out some wellness plans being offered at other clinics to get a baseline.

Get the word out

Don’t just assume your clients are aware of your new wellness program. Let them know by every means possible. Create an announcement and post regular reminders on your social media pages. Include information in your newsletter. Invest in a postcard mailing. Post signage in your lobby and exam rooms. Whatever methods you typically use to market to your audience in general can also be used to inform them of your new wellness plan offering. Remember – the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so start making some noise!

Hone your message

In order for your clients to be willing to invest in wellness plans, they have to view them as something of value. If your messaging is positioning these plans as glorified vaccination packages, you’re not going to generate much interest. Instead, focus your messages so that they convey the true value of the program. Wellness care is comprehensive and multi-faceted. Make sure your clients are made aware of all that is included so they understand what a worthwhile investment these plans truly are.

Get your staff involved

To be successful at wellness plans, you can’t be the only one singing their praises. Every person who works within your clinic should not only believe in the value of wellness and preventative care, but share that enthusiasm with clients every chance they get. To really get staff onboard and excited, encourage them to take advantage of your wellness plans with their own pets. You may also wish to incorporate wellness plan signups as part of your team’s incentive structure. Make sure everyone in your clinic is well educated on the ins and outs of your wellness packages, what they entail, how they work and – most importantly – why they’re such a great investment.

Don’t give up!

Last, but certainly not least, don’t throw in the towel if you don’t see positive results right away. As with any new business initiative, wellness plans can take time to generate momentum. Keep spreading the word and make doing so a part of your practice culture. Eventually, your hard work should pay off and you’ll start seeing more and more signups rolling in. If, after much time has passed, you’re still not seeing the results you’re after, consider making a few tweaks to your plan and/or marketing approach. In the long run, your commitment, dedication and passion will ultimately prevail, and you’ll have a practice full of healthier, happier pets as living proof.

Our Advice on Ways to Increase Wellness Plan Enrollment in 2024

What specific metrics should practices track to assess the success of their wellness plans over time?

To assess the success of wellness plans, practices should track several key metrics: enrollment rates to gauge initial and ongoing interest, retention rates to determine customer loyalty and satisfaction, and utilization rates to understand how often services within the plans are being used. Additionally, practices should monitor revenue generated from wellness plans versus traditional services and track patient health outcomes, noting improvements linked to consistent preventative care. Regularly reviewing these metrics provides insights into the effectiveness of the plans and areas that may require adjustments for enhanced client value and practice profitability.

How can practices leverage technology to streamline the enrollment process and make it more convenient for clients?

Practices can leverage technology to streamline wellness plan enrollment by integrating online platforms that allow clients to sign up, select, and manage their plans directly from the practice's website or a dedicated client app. Automating the enrollment process with digital forms reduces paperwork and simplifies data entry. Practices can also use email and text messaging systems for direct marketing and reminders about the benefits of wellness plans, including links that lead directly to the sign-up page. This not only enhances convenience but also increases enrollment efficiency and client engagement.

How might practices need to customize their wellness plan offerings and messaging for different client segments?

Practices should customize wellness plan offerings and messaging based on client demographics, pet life stages, and specific health needs. For example, puppy and kitten plans might emphasize vaccinations and initial health screenings, while plans for senior pets could focus on regular check-ups and chronic disease management. Tailoring messaging to resonate with the concerns of each segment—such as highlighting cost savings for budget-conscious families or comprehensive care for those with aging pets—enhances relevance and appeal. Utilizing targeted marketing strategies, such as segmented email campaigns, can effectively communicate these customized plans to the appropriate client groups.

How can practices use wellness plans as a tool for client retention and loyalty?

Practices can use wellness plans as a tool for client retention and loyalty by offering comprehensive, affordable care packages that encourage regular visits and ongoing preventive care. These plans create a sense of commitment and continuity, making clients more likely to return to the same practice for their pet's needs. Providing exclusive benefits, such as discounts on additional services or priority scheduling for wellness plan members, can further enhance client satisfaction. By consistently demonstrating value and fostering a proactive approach to pet health, wellness plans strengthen the bond between the practice and its clients.

What partnerships or collaborations with other local pet businesses could practices forge to cross-promote their wellness plans?

Practices can forge partnerships with local pet businesses such as groomers, pet supply stores, and dog trainers to cross-promote their wellness plans. By offering joint promotions, such as discounts on grooming services or pet supplies for wellness plan members, both businesses can attract new clients and enhance customer loyalty. Hosting co-branded events or workshops on pet health and wellness can also increase visibility and engagement. These collaborations create a mutually beneficial relationship, expanding reach and reinforcing the value of comprehensive pet care within the community.

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