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Client Success Team

Client Success Team

At DVMelite, we gauge our success by yours. The Client Success Team, comprised of our Practice Growth Specialists, Client Advocates, Five Star Trainers, Coaching Team, and Client Success Orchestrator, exist for one purpose – to drive your practice to the next level. These business growth professionals are focused on the care of our clients, guiding their practices forward with our proven strategic formula so they continually reach their goals.
Visibility Team

Visibility Team

The goal of any marketing strategy is to get your practice name in front of as many potential clients as possible. That’s what our Visibility Team is focused on. Whether it’s identifying keywords and applying SEO strategies or managing AdWords campaigns, this group works diligently behind the scenes to help our clients achieve page one status.
Team Builders

Team Builders

They say “Teamwork makes the dream work,” and we have to agree! Our Team Builders work hard to attract, recruit, hire and retain top talent, both internally as well as for our clients. Our internal recruiting is meticulous and incredibly selective, ensuring that only the best of the best represent the DVMelite brand. For our clients, we offer HR counseling and can apply the same rigorous standards to assist with all aspects of the hiring process.
Development Team

Development Team

Getting your practice to operate like a well-oiled machine takes a lot of behind-the-scenes effort, but our Development Team is up to the task! This group of highly skilled, tech-savvy professionals is always on high alert, making sure that any and all technical developments are taken care of, both internally as well as for our clients. They help with website creation and are vigilantly on the lookout for new and updated technology to keep our clients’ sites on the cutting-edge.


Your website is the virtual front door of your practice and the content contained within provides an opportunity to make a connection right from the start. Our team of talented copywriters has perfected the art of capturing the voice of each client and delivering compelling content that builds relationships. Whether it’s website copy, staff biographies or blog posts, this team delivers writing that gets results.

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Dr. Michael Warren
Managing Director

Dr. Michael WarrenDr. Michael Warren merges the unique talents of veterinarian and web developer. This powerful combination of skills has allowed Dr. Warren to design online products that are particularly well suited to our primary client group, veterinary practice owners, but also to their varied clientele in turn. Dr. Warren oversees all aspects of online development at DVMelite, from site design – to marketing – to business growth strategies.

In addition to his veterinary credentials, Dr. Warren also holds the distinction of being a Certified Google Professional and a Certified Microsoft adExcellence Professional.

Dr. Warren is also passionate about giving back to the community – DVMelite has been structured with a primary focus on social development. Every client who joins the DVMelite platform indirectly contributes to our pro bono program which is designed to provide assistance to veterinary charities around the world.

Dr. Warren is an active speaker and consultant, presenting at conferences and veterinary associations regarding how the veterinary industry can utilize online tools to further client engagement and market their services. To learn more please click SPEAKING PROFILE or CONSULTING PROFILE.

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North Carolina VMA Conference 2015

Nebraska VMA Conference 2015

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Missouri VMA Conference 2015

Georgia MVA Conference 2014

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Caribbean VMA Conference 2012

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AVMA Conference 2012

Washington State Veterinary  Conference 2012

Illinois State Veterinary Conference 2012

International Conference on Communication  2012

Ontario Veterinary College 2012

CanWest Veterinary Conference 2012

TedX Nova Scotia

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Two weeks after the launch of our DVMelite website we had six hip dysplasia consults in one day. That’s unheard of!