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All of our positions are contract positions and all start Part time.

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Do you love the consultative side of sales? Do you enjoy working with a team to make sure the client gets the best overall experience? Do you strive to move as quickly as you can while giving amazing service? Want to work part time from home during the hours the kids are usually in school? If you have experience in consultative sales and are tech savvy, this position is for you! You need to be able to understand how a business works and help businesses make well-informed decisions about their business development needs. This is a contract position and does not have benefits, but you can write off some home office expenses. If you want paid training and a challenging but fun team environment, we want you! You will get paid a base plus bonuses/commissions. If you are ready for the challenge of your life while having the time of your life, apply today!

Client Advocate

Do you enjoy checking tasks off of your “to do” list? Do you enjoy the interaction with many different clients and knowing that you are making a difference? Do you love to use your website knowledge and love to pass on that knowledge to others? If you know things such as how to transfer domains and what is needed to talk someone through a website set up, we want to talk to you! You will need to think that being an advocate for the client is your number-one priority and enjoy having multiple projects at one time. You would need to enjoy working with a top-notch internal team that loves working as a team and is available to help whenever needed. You will work part-time, 4 hours a day, Mon-Fri, and check in with daily meetings with your team. You will work as a contractor, so many office expenses can be written off your taxes. If you enjoy a challenging process, apply today!

Marketing Account Manager

Do you LOVE to:

  • make other people’s lives easier
  • solve problems for others
  • work with a group of A players where everyone plays their part
  • get immersed in an amazing company culture
  • help clients increase their overall business
  • use your marketing experience for good
  • laugh every day
  • make a difference in many lives throughout the world
  • work from home
  • work while the kids are in school, 20-30 hours per week

We are looking for a Marketing Account Manager who has working knowledge of AdWords, SEO, social media, and email marketing. Day to day duties include client calls and using your marketing knowledge to help your clients grow their business. You will be the long term account rep for our clients, so building relationships is huge in this position. You need to be comfortable managing projects remotely and servicing your clients, providing them with consultations on how to apply our business growth formulas to their specific circumstances. This position involves managing several dozen clients by email and phone, daily calls with 3 clients a day, interacting with a project management software, assigning tasks to other departments in the company, using WordPress on behalf of the client, screen sharing with the client, collaborating with colleagues in Google Drive and daily and weekly team meetings. This is a part time position, working 5-6 hours a day from your home office as an independent contractor. We have a unique way to hire, so if you are ready for a fun and challenging process, apply today! We are contract workers, so no benefits at this time, but you can probably claim many office expenses on your taxes.